ELFFOR   «From The Throne Of Hate»    
Northern Silence Prod.


Another re-release from Northern Silence Productions, the German based label already re-released Elffor’s both first full-lengths titled «Into the Dark Forest… » and «Son Of The Shades». This album was another step towards a more black metal direction in Elffor’s discography. Don’t get me wrong, Eöl’s compositions are completely geared into dark, medieval and atmospheric music but I get the feeling that the black metal filiations became more obvious on this third release. There is an epic feel to the melody lines, Elffor’song-writer has obviously a great ear for completely harmonious orchestrated keyboards and medieval atmospheres, everything interwoven so perfectly that it never sounds foreseeable or monotonous; it really is a joy to listen to this kind of music. If you like your black metal atmospheric and ethereal you will love «From The Throne Of Hate».