«Errances Oniriques»

Northern Silence Prod.


What we get here is the re-edition through the German Northern Silence Productions (thanks to them) of Loic Cellier’s first full-length (its second one if you regard the 1996 self-released «Notre Amour Eternel» as a first album). The long ago sold-out album released in 2001 through Sacral Productions is completely re-recorded and comes with two previously unreleased bonus tracks. If I’m right I already reviewed many years ago this «Errances Oniriques» and I’m quite happy to rekindle the flame of those glorious years. This is in few words something that cannot be described otherwise than Pagan black metal of a superior quality with infinitesimal touches of Epic Viking metal. Nine hymns of Pagan black with an almost melancholic background and you can immediately hear that Loïc Cellier has really concentrated on making its music, every song, every arrangement works out easily and «Errances Oniriques» is just perfect. EXCELLENT…BUY IT.