«Escape To The Dreamlands»

Stygian Crypt Prod.


From Russia come Evoke Thy Lords with their brand of melancholic doom dark metal. Though maybe not so original as the name or the (very professional) digi-pack suggest, Evoke Thy Lords song-writers handle their music with skill and style. They have the melody and the melancholic neatly balanced, a bit in the Norwegian style and the result is quite interesting. The band plays metal with gothic overtones. The most noticeable thing about «Escape To The Dreamlands» is the vocals; we have to make with the usual the beauty and the beast combination, guttural passages (quite efficient) with operatic lines (a little bit too high for my opinion). There are some particularly delicate moments and a bit of diversity is thrown here and there to secure the needed personality. «Escape To The Dreamlands» will without any doubt appeal to those who like big sellers such as Theatre of Tragedy (first era), Leave’s Eyes and the likes. Not too many points for originality but for writing good cohesive songs.