BROCKEN MOON   «Das Märchen Vom Schnee»    
Northern Silence Prod


Standing somewhere between old school Norwegian black metal (especially the Varg Vikernes orientated vocal work) and atmospheric Pagan black we have the German one-man project named Brocken Moon. Having gained an underground following in their native country with their five demo works and their debut full length released through Christhunt Productions, the band created almost a decade ago by multi-instrumentalist Humanhater is now looking to reach further with their newest release (this time on Northern Silence). The first song features atmospheric (background) synth driven parts, pagan metal instrumentation the whole coupled with some old Norwegian style black metal. A fine way to open «Das Märchen Vom Schnee» and fortunately for the listener the same quality music is offered from the first to the fifth song. The album four next tracks are of the same style but consistently strong without becoming repetitive or predictable. The last song of the album is an overly repetitive theme with some keyboards background put here and there. It lasts more than twenty minutes and it bores me to death after a short while. I don’t really understand why Brocken Moon adds this very long and uniform song to what was for my opinion a very good album. I actually find «Das Märchen Vom Schnee» quite enjoyable and if you’re a fan of melancholic yet violent black music you could do worse than this.