A GRUESOME FIND   «Of Blood And Nobility»    
Self Released


A Gruesome Find!!! to be honest I wondered for a while what happened to the Ohio based four pieces, I remember their ultra enjoyable «The Fire That Burns In Hell», missed some two years ago their «Minions Engage» released through Crash Music and here they are back with their third full-length. I absolutely didn’t understand why this band stay unsigned…here we have another example of the strange music industry which let excellent acts into the cult status while less talented purveyors of the same musical style are shoot to fame. «Of Blood And Nobility» is in few words death black metal insanity at its best (and another example of the good health of the American underground black metal scene). The twelve songs recorded here got everything you listen out for when checking out new bands: brutality, violence, melody all topped with a killer musicianship. This band can compose and arrange and even if there aren’t too many new ideas on «Of Blood And Nobility», A Gruesome Find songwriters can keep things interesting from the first to the last note. Don’t follow the masses and discover a fantastic underground band. Visit their visit and buy their works…believe me, you shall not be disappointed.