Northern Silence Prod.

I already reviewed and praised the first full-length (titled «Skuggornas Rike» and already released through the same German label) recorded by this Swedish black metal trio. The band plays so called melodic / depressive ice-cold black metal, being possible to just be called majestic black metal. The whole album mainly convinces with its deep and very atmospheric sound. Morker find the right balance between melodic guitar parts and atmospheric keyboard lines…the whole coupled with the needed inner bestiality. Black metal is still the original matrix of the band’ sound and most of the songs recorded here have their roots in the nineties B.M. scene. What impresses me most about Morker’s music, is the use of very strong riff structures. The guitar lines are almost hypnotic and far above the ultra linear (fast paced) guitar lines that so many nowadays bands seem to indulge in. «Hostmakter» is very enjoyable, not only by the vast variety of material and atmospheres provided but also by the melancholy created throughout fifty minutes of well mixed black metal. A superior piece of music.