«The New Dawn»

Stygian Crypt Prod.


What you get here isn’t the new (and quite long awaited now) effort of the Vasteras duo but the re-edition with new art-work of the self released album recorded by Anachronaeon some three years ago. As their previous works, this is not what you can label as blasting death metal from start to finish, Anachronaeon play very personal / emotional rhythmic death metal mixed with splashes of clean vocals and some element of dark metal. There is a lot of variety in the tracks delivered throughout «The New Dawn» and all contain their own make-up. It isn’t a sort of easy listening death metal album and it shall take you some repeated listens to enter Patrick Carlsson’ special visions of the death metal genre. They employ large amounts of musical guidelines and most of the songs contain some complex and intriguing moments. Overall I think «The New Dawn» draws a lot of strength from its identity (and diversity) and it helps Anachronaeon to stand out among the many death metal bands there are in Sweden. I get the feeling after several listens that «The New Dawn» will lead the duo to bigger things.