«As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies»

Stygian Crypt Prod.


Despite a new visual and a new packaging, this album was already self-released by the Swedish duo some four years ago. Being quite lazy tonight (as I already was this morning) I add you here below the review that I made of the band’s first full-length. Not really long ago, I already reviewed the band’s previous studio work titled « Tales From a Hollow Eternity » and released under the moniker Human Failure. As I liked the last opus I was looking for more of the same amalgam of death metal and heavy epic surroundings. It was soon evident that this may take a few listens to completely appreciate the complexity of the song-structures and musicianship on show. Epic fantasy death metal is a start to describe Anachronaeon’s musical world, with some keyboards and some pretty slow paced rhythmic stuff along with clean vocals (coupled with very good grunts). Everything is in here, to make « As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies » a good album that definitely has its own identity. I simply hope the Swedish trio shall focus on growled vocal works that nicely counterbalance the melodic musical approach of the whole concept. Different and interesting.