Northern Silence Prod.


This is a good idea, a split cd with a very well-known and respected act: Wyrd and two totally (to me) unknown entities: Haive and Kehra. No need to argue about Narqath’special black metal world. What we get here is two new and exclusive very long compositions with the usual ingredients of Wyrd strange world. No use for a fight, its music is still difficult to easily categorise, its breed of ice-cold black metal with some boring clean vocal works is something close to schizophrenic music. The three songs delivered by Haive come from their third demo work and show a band tapping in on both folk and black metal. The repeated rhythms are nicely constructed and we can expect big things from this Finnish act in the coming months on Northern Silence Prod. The split ends with two songs recorded by another newcomer emerging from the land of the thousand lakes. Kehra stand for pure / undulational old school black metal with the needed well-known but still ultra efficient needed components. Two tracks full of darkness, madness and musical alienation. A very nice split cd.