«Into the Dark Forest… »

Northern Silence Productions


«Into the Dark Forest… », one of underground’s best kept secrets finally is internationally released through the German Northern Silence Productions. Elffor are one of the best band to emerge from the Spain underground scene for many years now and this album is the re-released (with two bonus songs) of the band’s self-released first work recorded in 1998. We already reviewed Eöl side project (this guy is also active in Suffering Down – see our demo reviews section): Elffor combine blend of atmospheric folk and raw black metal with elements of Mortiis debut works but remain pretty unique. Eöl delivers very nice grim vocals (some Varg references) and the keyboards give good atmospheres to the songs. Throughout the nine tracks of its first full-length, Elffor manage to combine the schizophrenia of the Norwegian black metal scene in its first days with the medieval / epic atmospheres of the best Mortiis compositions. Without any doubt a very nice album of atmospheric black metal with both enough character and identity to deserve your attention. Great band, great album.