Northern Silence Productions


Angantyr are one of the most active one man projects of the whole nowadays black metal scene. Even if Ynleborgaz writes and composes lotsa materials, its style remains as original and pure as possible. In few words, ice-cold Scandinavian black metal rarely comes better than this (don’t say now you didn’t know in case you’re missing out as we praise this band on many occasions throughout the twelve last months). For the ones note already acquainted with Angantyr’s black metal world, Ynleborgaz creates ultra depressive yet incredibly insane/violent black metal. The continuous inner violence, insanity are more than welcome in this day when so many bands seem to think a nice make-up and a choking attitude equals good black metal. Tempos vary from mid-paced sections to slower, more depressive ones and on long compositions such as «Edsvoren», you can see which kind of intelligent and multi-layered black metal Angantyr stand for. Nasheim were an unknown entity to me and if I’m right, it took both musicians (also active in the old-school thrash metal project Lethal) three years to record this strong epic black metal composition (playing time: a little bit more than twenty-five minutes). Not exactly music to jump around but it has a continuous bewitching charm that keep your interest and attention from the first to the last second. Nasheim’strange, schizophrenic / depressive / dangerous yet beautiful musical world is pretty unique in my mind. This split is Essential in every black metal collection.