DUSK   «Deathgate»    
Northern Silence Productions


Here we have a band that was relatively unknown until recently. Created more than ten years ago, Dusk are a Hungarian black metal two pieces. «Deathgate» is in fact their fourth full length (the first one titled «The Shadowsoul» was released through Regimental Records some two years ago). On this release, the duo does a good job and has a knack for composing ice-cold black metal hymns that remind of classic Norwegian black metal. If you take the atmospheres created on the first Burzum releases then mix in a hefty dose of Emperor («Wrath of the Tyrant» era) and some accelerated passages (Mayhem) you’d probably get this Dusk. Basically thus what you get throughout the forty-six minutes of «Deathgate» is some solid but fairly generic Norwegian Black Metal which may sounds very similar to so many other black metal albums. On the other hand, those musicians perfectly know how to make the whole thing work out and I’m unable to find a real weak element in Dusk’s musical world. I think this album definitely worth checking if you enjoy first hour Norwegian black metal.