HYACINTUS   «Fantasia en Concerto»    
Viajero Inmovil Records


«Fantasia en Concerto» is the second album recorded by the Argentinean multi-instrumentist Jacinto Miguel Corral. The guy already composed, arranged and recorded, some years ago, the «Elydian» full-length. No need for a fight if you’re no open minded listener, «Fantasia en Concerto» shall bore you to death after a very short while. Contrary to almost all the releases reviewed here, this is not a metal album, Hyacintus play epic progressive rock music and may I add, do it exceptionally well. This kind of ‘cool’ music is quite ambiguous, it may sometimes appear as just another musical background but on most of the songs recorded, Jacinto Miguel created a kind of unique, mystical atmosphere. After some listens, I get the feeling that «Fantasia en Concerto» continuously stays focused on the creation of a particular / poetic mood and to be honest making such relaxing and original music in a instrumental and abstract concept such as this one, must not be that easy. Ok, Hyacintus musical world is absolutely not my cup of tea, but this musicians is really talented and interesting. Try if you can.