The best concert agendas

Agenda Metal Belgique : most Metal and Hardcore gigs in the country

Still Online : Tons of indie extreme Metal gigs including dates for Holland and some other countries (Brazil, Czech rep...)

Splinter newsletter : The ultimate newsletter for Punk and Hardcore gigs in the Benelux. You have to subscribe to receive it, as it's not yet available on their page, but it's perfect!

Federocklux : A great page about the french/south part of Belgium, specially interesting for its lists of contacts (newspapers, radios, organisators,...)

Belgorock : Very praised and very official Rock page with tons of info on most indie music : Very impressive page about belgian Death scene, very complete and professional, they just released a comp cd with 20 quality bands from the belgian area and it's fuckin' cheap!!!






metal to infinity : a cool page about Metal with no specific speciality, from Power Metal to Death or Thrash. The guy is in the scene for a long, long time and knows what Metal is about!