History of the Order

by Sister Kathleen O'Neill
Mississippi Abbey, Dubuque, Iowa, USA


Bibliography - Persons

Anthony, Son of Roelof (1476-1517/8)

#Moor, Geertruida de. «Anthony, Son of Roelof, Laybrother of the Cistercian abbey of Leeuwenhorst (1476-1517/18),» CSQ 33.3 (1998) 277-287. Anthony worked for the nuns of Leeuwenhorst.


Heinrich von Berten, 1426-62. Abbot of Marienrode. (DS gives 1390-1463)


Chronicon Marienrodense

Secondary Sources

#Mikkers, Edmund. “Henri de Bernten,” DS 7, 180.


Walter of Champfleur, +1497.  Abbot of St Mary's Dublin.


Jean de Cirey, abbot of Citeaux, +1503


Articuli Parisienses, 1494. Text in Nomasticon Cisterciense seu antiquiores Ordinis Cistercienses Constitutiones, ed H Séjalon [Solesmes, E Typographeo Sancti Petri, 1892) 548-557.

Compendium Sanctorum Ordinis Cisterciensis (he had this printed in Dijon, 1491; not sure if he was "author", editor, compiler...)

Secondary Sources

#Telesca, William J. "Jean de Cirey and the Question of an Abbot General in the Order of Citeaux in the Fifteenth Century," SMCH II, 186-207. [looks good]


Vincent Grüner  +1420. Monk of Altzelle; fonder of Cistercian colleges of Leipzig (1490) & Prague

Works (2 treatises widely circulated in 15th c)

Expositio canonis Missae

De Officio Missae


James? Jacob? Kunike (Koneken) of Paradiso 1381-1465. Ca. 1400 entered Cist monastery of Paradiso (Silesia); probably abbot of Paradiso; 1442 became Carthusian

#Mertens, Dieter. “Jacques de Paradiso,” DS 8, 52-55.


Hennyngus Kusczken or Kotzken. Monk of Lehnin (in Brandenburg).

#Mikkers, Edmund. “Hennyngus Kusczken,” DS 7, 178.


Jean Eustache de Mons, 1st abbot of Jardinet (Flanders). Retired 1477.


Balthasar of Pforta  Provisor of college of Leipzig in 1499

Works (well known in 15th c)

Expositio misteriorum missae Christi passionem devotissime figurantium (ed in 1495 & 1501).


Nicolas Salicet (Weydenbosch)+1493/1494


Antidotarius animae  or Liber meditationum ac orationum

Secondary Sources

#Mikkers, E. “Nicolas Salicetus,” DS-11, 299-301.


Matthew Steynhus of Zbraslav +1427  Monk of Königsaal  (Bohemia), adversary of John Huss. After Hussite destruction of Königsaal 1420, went to Altzelle.


works on theology

Commentaries on the Psalms & on the hymns of the breviary


Historia sanctae Catharinae (from which veneration of the saint spread to Western Europe)

Secondary Sources

Lauterer, K. Articles in Cisterienser Chronik 73-74 (1966-67)

Verfasserlexikon 2nd ed, vol 6, 170-72.


John of Troy, abbot of Mellifont late 15th c.


Martin Vargas (Castile; founder of Castilian Congregation). +1446.

Secondary Sources

Herrera, L. "En torno a Martín de Vargas y a la congregación de Castilla," Cistercium 27 (1975) 283-313.

De Pascual, Francisco R, et al. Humanismo y Cister: Actas del I congreso Nacional de Humanistas Español. Leon, U of Leon, Secretariado de Publicaciones, 1996. 733 pp.  Nine articles are on Cipriano. Two papers are on Martin. Rvw Citeaux 48.3-4 (1997) 393-395.


Hermann Zoestius of Marienfeld 1380-1445


Sermones de festis XXV

Novus modus translationis corporum sanctorum

De laude sancti Benedicti et filiorum suorum

Evangelium ex quatuor unum (a concordance)

Chronicon Campi S. Mariae – his major work, a history of Marienfeld 1185-1422.

Secondary Sources

#Mikkers, Edmund. “Hermann de Marienfeld,” DS 7, 296-7.