Continuity and Reforms

in the Cistercian Family

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Rome, September 14th 2002

Observantiae (Dom Bernardo Olivera)

To familiarise ourselves with the word  Observances  and to make the link with the Exordium  programme

1. Cistercian Developments in the 12th and 13th Centuries
2. Continuity and Reforms from 12th to 15th Century
3. The Cistercian Congregations in the Iberian Peninsula
4. History of the Cistercian Congregation of Upper Germany

5. The Birth of the Strict [Etroite] Observance
6. A generation of Reforming Women

7. Port-Royal
8. The Bernardines of Switzerland
The abbot de Rancé and La Trappe in the 17th century

10. Cistercian Life in the Century of the Enlightenment (18th century)
11. French Monasticism during the Revolution. The saga of Dom Augustine de Lestrange
12. Bernardines of Esquermes
13. The Cistercian Congregations in Italy
14. Cistercian Congregations in the 19th Century
15. The Trappist-Cistercians during the 19th Century
16. Cistercian Foundations outside Europe in the 19th Century