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Chrome extensions

Javascript bookmarklets

Javascript userscripts

CSS userstyle (Non-programming)

Fixing sites (Non-programming)

Chrome extensions

Here is a list of my extensions for google chrome.

Alias bookmarks

Set aliases for your bookmarks. Aliases are called from the omnibox: "/ aliasName [params]" and from the popup (ctrl+.)

This extension mimics the ability of Firefox and mozilla based browsers to use aliases as a shortcut to call specific bookmarks.

It allows you to set alias/shortcut for your URL or javascript bookmarklets or folders, directly in the bookmark manager. You can then call an alias from chrome's omnibox or from the extension's popup window (keyboard shortcut: "ctrl+.").
Simple "http(s)" bookmarks as well as javascript bookmarklets can be called with or without parameters.
If it works as a bookmark, it works as an alias.

Since your aliases are stored with your bookmarks, exporting or transfering them also tranfers the aliases.

Starting with version, folder alias is available. It can be used to open static pages, or to make a group search on multiple search sites (examples provided).

Version 0.9.8 introduces auto-completion in popup window (see options page to enable).

Direct link to chrome web store

Extension log

Logs when an extension is installed, uninstalled, upgraded, enabled or disabled. Also keeps track of each chrome update.

Keep track of all your old extensions, as well as current and past states of the extensions still installed.
"Extension log" logs when an extension is installed, uninstalled, upgraded, enabled or disabled.

View all these informations in a table sorted by name, state (enabled, disabled, uninstalled), extension type, or id. With a list of events associated with each extension ever installed (as long as "Extension log" is always enabled).

Aside from its main purpose, "Extension log" records a log of the date and version of every chrome update.

You can save the whole log history, in case of crash. Right click the extension icon and select "Export log" (save the whole page or one of the textareas). No restore function available yet, but you can access the stored values manually from the background page's javascript console (and update from there if necessary).

EL allows you to save extensions packages in its original format or as a zip file.

2018-12-31: (0.5.6)
Badge used to warn user when an event occurs: now fully functional.
You can now import options, and chrome version history from a backup. Import of events is still in beta.

2018-09-12: (0.5)
Extension packages can be saved as CRX and/or ZIP files.
The list of current permissions for all extensions is displayed in the tooltip of their version number.

2018-09-04: (0.4.11)
Added support to download CRX packages.

2018-08-22: (
Some minor fixes and layout improvements.

2018-07: (
Stable version. Still missing import data feature. Almost done but development halted at least for several weeks. Sorry.

2018-06-19: (0.4)
Still in beta, but shouldn't crash.

Direct link to chrome web store

Tiny Proxy

A small footprint proxy extension. Allows simple and complex settings. Quick and easy to switch between proxies.

Online help is available here.

Tiny proxy allows you to manage multiple proxy servers, and to change easily between them.

Note: This extension is a work in progress (as of june 2019). Your input is welcome.

You can specify a set of rules to select which websites are proxied, or not, by your different servers.
The current proxy settings are defined by Tiny Proxy as PAC scripts.

TP implements the following types of proxies:

TP allows you to add temporary proxy rules (see popup). This way you can combine multiples proxy profiles.

Note that you have to select which proxies appear in the popup list. In the settings window, check the box next to their name.

TP does not support proxy authentication yet. Need volunteers to test...

2019-10-23 (0.5): Bug fixes and new features (import proxy servers by copy/paste list from website)
2019-07-04 ( bug fixes, including failure with servers with per-protocol additional servers
2019-07-02 (0.4.3): added online help page
2019-06-25 (0.4.2): added: draggability to proxies list in "switch" and "pool".

Direct link to chrome web store

Javascript bookmarklets

View list of images used by the current page

This bookmarklet is based on one of Jesse's Bookmarklets. It is a modified and more complete version of "list alts" in the "Validation Bookmarklets" category. (the list of the many enhancements is not available yet)

This bookmarklet lists all images used in <img> tags and in css styles. It also tries to list alternate versions of images as provided in srcset attributes.
It shows them in a list, limiting their maximum size to avoid overflowing the display. Simply click an image to open it in its own tab.

The source is in this link(*). Current version (beta): 20181031
Click on the link to display the list of images used in this page.

(*) drag & drop on your bookmark bar to add the link to your bookmarks.

IMDb - enlarge images in cast listing (x2)

This bookmarklet increases the size of all images in the cast list on IMDb. It doubles the width/height and replaces the current image with an image of the appropriate dimensions. Can be applied multiple times if x2 is not enough.

The source is in this link(*). Current version: 20181025

(*) drag & drop on your bookmark bar to add the link to your bookmarks.

Javascript userscripts

GitHub - add links to sort by most recently updated (2019-11-28)

A link "(r)" is added in the two tabs "Issues" and "PR'. It is used as a single click shortcut to the corresponding listing sorted by "Recently updated".

GitHub tabs

And in the GitHub page header (since 2019-11-22).

GitHub tabs

On the page displaying all your Pull requests, or Issues, a new category ("Commenter") now appears (added 2019-11-28).
Clicking this button will display all the issues/pr in which you made a comment. They might not appear in the other categories.

GitHub commenter

GitHub commenter

The script has its own GitHub page.

GitHub - flip comparison - add an icon to swap sides when comparing changes

This userscript adds an icon to swap the sides of a comparison. It can be used when you need to sync your fork to the original repository.

GitHub flip icon

The script has its own GitHub page.

Google - fix TLD links

This fixes regional TLDs in google links (to other services).

On its homepage (,,, or whichever TLD is used), and on the search result pages, google directs some of its internal links to the google domain associated with the TLD used for the geographic position of your IP address. This means that if you want to use a google TLD of another country (or the .com from outside the US), or if you're travelling and still want to use your home TLD, you'll end with links to the local TLD.

This userscript rewrites every link that doesn't use the .com TLD or the TLD of the current page, and replaces every non-matching TLD with the current TLD. In the screenshots, all the tagged links are modified to use the page TLD. (Read the github page for a more complete explanation)

More infos and screenshots on the github repository.
Get it from GitHub. (and click the "Raw" button to load it into tampermonley)

CSS userstyle (Non-programming)

Hotmail - reduce whitespace (2019-06-21)

Recover ads banner space (bottom and right side).
Hides "Upgrade to Office 360" link.
Reduces the height of lines in the folders list.
Reduces the height of lines in emails listing in the 3 modes: without preview pane, with preview pane at the bottom and with preview pane on the right side.

The stylesheet is available on

IMDb - fullscreen imageviewer (2019-11-23)

This stylesheet removes dead space around the image.

IMBd mediaviewer

It is available on

Tuinadvies/Matelma smaller header (2019-10-23)

This stylesheet applies to "Tuinadvies" gardening webstores:

It reduces the size of the page header once you scroll the page down.
Useful on smaller screens.

It is available on

Fixing sites (Non-programming)

IMDb - reduce bloatware (2019-11-24)

Each update to the IMDb site slows it down. I have discovered that simply adding the following user rules to your filters revives the site.

First, you should probably install "uBlock Origin", the ad-blocking extension. Then, in the "My filters" tab, add these filters.*$
! 20191124: speed up imdb page load. Many scripts loaded from there. But still works without them.
! 20191128  while entering a search query, the suggestion list will be missing.
!           It's that, or 34+ script loaded each time.  
! privacy ?
If you have another extension handling filtering, see if it supports this syntax.