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Chrome extensions

Here is a list of my extensions for google chrome.

Alias bookmarks

Set aliases for your bookmarks. Aliases are called from the omnibox: "/ aliasName [params]" and from the popup (ctrl+.)

This extension mimics the ability of Firefox and mozilla based browsers to use aliases as a shortcut to call specific bookmarks.

It allows you to set alias/shortcut for your URL or javascript bookmarklets or folders, directly in the bookmark manager. You can then call an alias from chrome's omnibox or from the extension's popup window (keyboard shortcut: "ctrl+.").
Simple "http(s)" bookmarks as well as javascript bookmarklets can be called with or without parameters.
If it works as a bookmark, it works as an alias.

Since your aliases are stored with your bookmarks, exporting or transfering them also tranfers the aliases.

Starting with version, folder alias is available. It can be used to open static pages, or to make a group search on multiple search sites (examples provided).

Version 0.9.8 introduces auto-completion in popup window (see options page to enable).

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Extension log

Logs when an extension is installed, uninstalled, upgraded, enabled or disabled. Also keeps track of each chrome update.

Keep track of all your old extensions, as well as current and past states of the extensions still installed.
"Extension log" logs when an extension is installed, uninstalled, upgraded, enabled or disabled.

View all these informations in a table sorted by name, state (enabled, disabled, uninstalled), extension type, or id. With a list of events associated with each extension ever installed (as long as "Extension log" is always enabled).

Aside from its main purpose, "Extension log" records a log of the date and version of every chrome update.

You can save the whole log history, in case of crash. Right click the extension icon and select "Export log" (save the whole page or one of the textareas). No restore function available yet, but you can access the stored values manually from the background page's javascript console (and update from there if necessary).

EL allows you to save extensions packages in its original format or as a zip file.

2018-09-12: (0.5)
Extension packages can be saved as CRX and/or ZIP files.
The list of current permissions for all extensions is displayed in the tooltip of their version number.

2018-09-04: (0.4.11)
Added support to download CRX packages.

2018-08-22: (
Some minor fixes and layout improvements.

2018-07: (
Stable version. Still missing import data feature. Almost done but development halted at least for several weeks. Sorry.

2018-06-19: (0.4)
Still in beta, but shouldn't crash.

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