Computer is an Intel Celeron 450 Mhz, running Win98SE.
KM version is 0.8.0 build 838. But older versions display the same behavior.

The test is done with this page.

We have 4 different problems here. 2 are tightly connected.

These problems don't appear with other browsers (IE, NS4, Mozilla).

Image 1

Window not maximized. Just to show you the default position and size.

Image 2

K-Meleon window maximized.
Popup opened.

Note: resizing the popup is impossible.
Move your mouse over its border to verify.

Image 3

Popup maximized. Look at what happened...
The window has the size of a normal window (see 1st image)
KM doesn't consider this window maximized, the titlebar maximize button is available.

Note: closing the popup in this state will solve the resizing problem for the next opened popups, and the maximize/restore problem.

Image 4

Maximize the so-called "maximized" window.

Note: closing the popup in this state will left us with resizing problem, and the maximize/restore problem.

Image 5

Restoring the window restores the "false maximized" state, not the initial state.

Image 6

If popup is close in state #3 or #5, popup will now maximized/restore as expected.

Image 7

Another problem, probably related to the behavior above.

When a popup is opened, it is not opened directly to the size and position specified in the javascript function call.
This screenshot was taken with KM set in the "correct" max/restore/resize behavior (see image 3).

The image was loaded from my local server which is faster to react than the server you are loading it from. This explains why I was able to take the screenshot with all the borders and the image before Windoze has partially, or completely, updated the display.

I first noticed the problem while KM was on step #2. I was seeing the display of the KM window behind the popup, flashing to white. In this state (of image #2) the first step (pointed by red arrows) was opened maximized. That's what was causing the flash.
As you can see from the screenshot on the right (click for full size), opening a popup window needs 3 steps to reach the correct opening position (which is directly reached by other browser: IE, NS4, Mozilla).
  • The popup is opened with the size (and position?) of a new window (in this case, not maximized). (in red)
  • Then it is moved to the correct X,Y position. Here (0,0). (in blue) Size is unchanged. See how it is similar to the red shape.
  • Finally, it is resized to the value supplied by Here onClick="imagePopup1('2544b.jpg',475,634);" for the cover image. (in green)
The size of the popup is modified by javascript after the image has been loaded. This explains why the final border of the popup is slightly different from the green shape.

Note: the correct behavior for KM would be to open the window directly on the green shape.

Click to enlarge

Image 8

Closing the popup last will store its position and size values as defaults.
This is how it looks on the next start.