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This site contains a listing of existing EudoraTM Plugins for WindowsTM, and also some very useful Add-ins.
You may all download them from here by clicking on the associated icon.
There are currently 43 plugins and 42 add-ins.
Mac users, please go to the Macintosh Eudora Plugins & Add-ins page !!!

I made this page because all available plugins are never to be found at the same place on the Web and many people were complaining about it. I would like to be as useful as possible so if you have heard of any other Eudora Plugin or Add-in, could you please keep me informed of it ? Just send me an e-mail to and tell me where to find it (attaching the plugin is even better).

If you want more credit about any plugin you would have made, just ask for it and it will be written here.
Also ask me if you want your Eudora related page to be linked from here.


Sorry, no more Mailing List, due to excessive number of subscribers.
If you had previously subscribed, don't worry, your e-mail has been erased and was never sold or seen by any third party.

WARNING : I don't accept anymore questions by e-mail. I'm not tech support.
If you want to talk to me LIVE, use HumanClick :
No TECH questions please ! Read the Eudora HELP MENU first.

NEW : The Template Extensions Page.
If you use the Windows Email Templates Plugin (by /n software), you might want to use more extensions.
Click here to take a look.

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This is not an official Qualcomm Inc. Eudora page.
Anything that is downloaded from here is no more under guarantee nor certified by Qualcomm.

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