Civil Status:

Birth date: 28 June, 1929
Maried. Wife: Nicole ALGRAIN
Four children (2 girls and 2 boys)


Village primary school (6 years)
Greek-Latin Middle school (6 years)
Mathematics (1 year)
University of Liege: Civil Engineer in mechanics (5 years)

Military service:

Ecole du Genie Jambes-Namur (8 months)
S/Lieutenant Batiments Militaires Bourg-Leopold (10 months)

Professional activity:

TITAN ANVERSOIS heavy lifting machines (2 years) Assistant commercial manager
DUMONT-FRERES hydraulic constructions (11 years) Commercial manager
BICEPS S.A. High pressure hydraulics (18 years) Founder, Board of Directors, President
  • The BICEPS hydraulic cylinders

    Former hobbies:

    Caravaning, sail surfing, remote controled models
    Retired - activities:
    Computer science, astronomy, artificial satellites.
    Lectures and demonstrations in those field.
    Numerous voyages, stays in French Provence.
    Author of computer programs, namely "LOGIS-CIEL"