Alina at the Trouwbeurs Kursaal Oostende 2011.

[13/08/11] Because you cannot repeat unique moments, The Wedding Fair Kursaal Oostende have put together all wedding experts and the latest trends together under 1 roof, so you can without any worries and problems make the best out of your dream wedding!

We are also participating at this fair and will be available for any questions concerning the options we can provide for your marriage ceremony, reception or dinner.

More info can be found here.

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Alina at Star Wars in Concert.

[30/03/10] This year Alina is performing on stage with the choir 'Fine-Fleur' the known choir from the Night of the Proms.

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Alina sings at Gentse Feesten.


[19/07/09] On Saterday 25th July 2009 Alina will perform at the Gentse Feesten like last year. She will promote her 3 newest Dance tracks. These dance tracks came to life due to the coorporation with talented composer Jurgen Moreno. So for all Dance Lovers you know where to go. Performance is foreseen at 14h00 at the François Laurentplein in Ghent.

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Alina sings at benefit concert Berkenbeek


[02/03/09] On Sunday 22th march 2009 the first edition of the benefit concert Berkenbeek Presents "BenNeSpecial" will take place at the big meadow next tp BUSO Berkenbeek Nieuwmoersesteenweg 133.

This spectacular benefit concert which is accecible to all people is an initiative of three last years students of the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool in Antwerp.

The profits of this event will go to the Buitengewoon Secundair Onderwijs Berkenbeek in Wuustwezel.

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Alina as guest in "Malinplansjee" the theathershow of Jo Swinnen.


[23/11/07] the makers of the populare song "MECHELE FIEST" from the tv show “Fata Morgana”  also "TROTS OEP SINT ROEMBOTS" for the CANVAS monument battle are proud to present their new show based on oldfashioned "roots" when theater was still THEATHER !

23 NOVEMBER : Completely sold out

Due to the enourmous success there is
1 extra show on 16 DECEMBER.
Tickets available though this site

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"Binnen en Buiten" interview on Radio Lorali.

[11/11/07] Alina gave an interview for the popular radio show
"Binnen en Buiten" on Radio Lorali in Herk-De-Stad.

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"Van Alle Markten Thuis" radio interview.


[07/11/07] Alina gave an interview for the popular radio show "Van Alle Markten Thuis" which runs on moren than 20 radio stations in Belgium and The Netherlands.

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"From Bedroom to Headroom" compilation CD is out.

Compilatie-cd: from headroom to bedroom: front cover

[28/08/07] the great compilation CD from "Homerecording" is out and on it is a song from Alina and 17 other unresistable tracks. Don't miss it!

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"De Roos" is Alina's first cover single wich is a tribuute to Ann Christy

[03/01/07] The beautifull song "The Rose" from Ann Christy still stays a remarcable beautifull song which underlines the value of the Flemisch song..

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"Give Your Love" is Alina's latest new single.

[11/08/2006] Give Your Love, Alina's latest new single can be pre-listend to online.

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"Jamais je ne te laiss’rai" is Alina's latest new single.

[11/06/2006] Jamais je ne te laiss’rai, Alina's latest new single can be pre-listend to online.

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Benefit concert for VTM action "Levenslijn"

[18/04/2006] On the 10th of June 2006 Alina will perform during a benefit concert for the VTM action "Levenslijn" in feestzaal den Elst at Rijkevorsel.

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Awaking is Alina's latest new song. The lyrics are from Arie Meijer, the music from Danny Van Rysselberghe..

[20/03/2006] Awaking, Alina's latest new song is a fact. Composer Danny and songwriter Arie have proven that they are a remarkable duo.

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Alina has joined hands with Emotion-Gifts. They released a charity CD to raise funds for the organisation "Stop The Silence for the aid of victims of sexual abuse.

[04/03/2006] "Emotion-Gifts" has recorded a Cd single. The full profits of this single go to the organisation "Stop de Stilte". The Cd contains two songs. The song "Steel de Zon" is brought in a moving way by Alina and has become a beautifull version of the world hit "Only Love", originally performed by Nana Mouskouri.

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"Colour Me Gray" and "A Drop Of Dew" Demo's online

[01/01/06] Alina's two latest recorded singles can be pre-listened online as from today...

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"Tu Es Mon Âme" Demo online

[01/01/06] Alina's second entry for Eurosong 2006 can be pre-listened online as from today..

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Documentary "Man Bijt Hond - Eurovisiondream"

[[08/12/05] Documentary of "Man Bijt Hond"  abouth the Eurovisiondream of 3 candidates who competed for Eurosong 2006. (G-Scar, Alina, Deenah).

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New song from Alina : "Sous Les Peupliers"

[28/10/2005] Alina has not been sitting still. She recorded a song "Sous Les Peupliers"written by composer Danny Van Rysselberghe and lyrics writer Katia Van Waeyenberghe. Its a song in French with very nice lyrics. The music together with the lyrics and vocals are so in harmony. Written with love, sang with an open heart.

You can listen to a preview on the Audio page

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Alina with 3 songs to the preselections of Eurosong 2006

[28/09/2005] A fact is that Alina will participate with 3 songs for the preselections of Eurosong 2006. With the songs "The Tides Will Turn", "Tu Es Mon Âme" and "A Drop Of Dew", Alina wants to show the public that Belgium still has alot of unknown talent.

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Alina to Eurosong 2006

[25/08/2005] Alina is planning to reach the finals of "Eurosong 2006" with a new English song.

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Alina sings for the children of Tsjernobyl

[24/08/2005] Gazet van Antwerpen shows an article about the support of the children of Tsjernobyl and the sale of Alina's first CD-single.

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