Alina sings for the children of Tsjernobyl.

[24/08/2005] Gazet van Antwerpen shows an article about the support of the children of Tsjernobyl and the sale of Alina's first CD-single.

Alina, a young singer from Burcht, has just released her first CD-single. Alina is born in Russia and donates a part of the profits of the sale of the CD-single to the cildren of Tsjernobyl.

Alina was born in Sint-Petersburg as Natalia Bachtina. As young girl she performed as dancer and was very interested in music. After her university she came to Belgium in 1999. A few years later she moved to Burcht. She evolved as a talented singer by participating different karaoke singing contests.

"Ian Ranmann asked me in 2004 to record a CD-single", tells Alina "About that time the VRT-progamme Koppen showed the documentary Het Tsjernobylhart. The i decided to donate a part of the profits from my CD-single to the vzw Vlamingen Helpen Tsjernobylkinderen. I hope that people react positively to this initiative" The single has two numbers: Run To Eternity and My Heart Beats. The CD is for sale in de Fnac-Groenplaats and can also be ordered at Alina's.

And Alina's future? "The preperations for a Full-CD are being made. You will hear of me!"

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