closes its doors (for now)

Dear fans,

I have decided to stop working on my website ALCAZAR MAGIC.

Because I'm moving to a new home in a few weeks time and as I'm switching to
another broadband internet provider at the same time,
I've removed my website from the FTP-server of my current provider.

If ALCAZAR MAGIC will be coming back has not been decided yet.
Much will depend on the return of Alcazar, if ever our favorite Swedes get back together.

The mailing list at Yahoo remains available for everyone at

May I thank everybody who has contributed to this site over the fast years.
Also a big thank you to all the loyal visitors.

And last but not least, thank you Annika, Andreas, Tess and Magnus for a
magnificent period of somewhat 7 years.


You can still reach me at the familiar e-mail address of
for a few more weeks