Fred's airsickness bags
Fred's airsickness bags
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To show my gratitude, both to swappers and donators, I give everyone who contributed to my collection some minutes of fame on the internet in return.

Many thanks to you all!

Collected myself12
Bruce KellyAlaska, USA18
Wolfgang FrankenGermany14
Paul MundyGermany9
Thomas Homer GoetzDenmark8
Steve SilberbergUSA7
Niek Vermeulenthe Netherlands7
Petr MandaCzech Republic4
Chrystelle BelucheFrance3
Jean-Yves EtienneFrance3
Wilson LuiHong Kong3
Gérard ManarancheFrance3
Leszek SzalapakPoland3
Janusz TichoniukPoland3
Christian Fredrik Bolla NergaardNorway2
Els BonteBelgium2
Annabelle CourtayBelgium2
Roger CourtayFrance2
Isabelle LanniéeFrance2
Radbout Timmerthe Netherlands2
Geert WittevrongelBelgium2
Jacques BonteBelgium1
Walter BrinkerGermany1
Sébastien CavernesFrance1
Bart Noëth, BelgiumBelgium1
Philippe SilouFrance1
Rune TapperSweden1
Lutgarde Van PouckeBelgium1
Annick Verbesselt en David VerbruggenBelgium1

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