Fred's airsickness bags
Fred's airsickness bags
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Nothing much to swap yet. Nevertheless, if you see a bag you are interested in, use the contact form below to contact me, or e-mail me. State which bag you want and your swap offer as well. You can find a list of the bags I am most interested in on my 'Most wanted'-page.



AirlineBag description
Air FranceWhite, with airline logo
Air LibGeneric: plain white type I
Alitalia IIIWhite, green logo and airline name
Luxair IWhite and blue, non-glossy paper
Luxair IIWhite and blue, glossy paper
NorwegianGeneric: 'Do you want...' bag
Scandinavian Airlines IIGrey and blue, 'Scandinavian'.
SN Brussels Airlines IGeneric: plain white type I
SN Brussels Airlines IIINew logo and colour scheme
Sobelair ILight blue, white S-logo
Virgin Express IWhite, old logo, non-glossy
Virgin Express IIWhite, old logo, glossy
Virgin Express IVWhite, new logo
Wideroe II'Uff da.../Oops...'
Airline logos used for informational purposes. All logos are trade marks of their respective owners.