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Fred's airsickness bags
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European airsickness bags

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AirlineBag description
Adria AirwaysWhite, multiple silver logo's
Aegean AirlinesWhite and marine blue, 'number linking' game
AeroflotGreenish blue bag, no logo
Air BelgiumGrey, multiple logo's
Air BerlinWhite, red logo
Air FranceWhite, with airline logo
Air France IIWhite, with logo and black line
Air LibGeneric: plain white type I
Alitalia IWhite, brown horizontal band
Alitalia IIWhite, with 'Xamamina'-add
Alitalia IIIWhite, green logo and airline name
Braathens IWhite, with 'OXO' game on back
Braathens IIDark blue, with white, grey and red logo
BritanniaWhite, with blue airline name and logo
British Airways IMarine blue and white
British Airways IIWhite and grey stripes, with pictograms
British Airways IIIWhite, with pictograms
British Airways IVBlue 'waste'-bag
British MidlandWhite, red and blue logo
City BirdGeneric: white, black 'Airsickness Bag'
CorsairWhite, blue and green logo
DAN AIR LondonWhite, red and blue airline name and logo
easyJet'Don't be sick, come to Klick!'
EurowingsBlue, white logo
GermaniaWhite, green stripes and logo
Hamburg InternationalWhite, blue airline logo and name
Hapag-LloydWhite, blue airline logo and name on base
IberiaYellow, red airline logo
IcelandairWhite, blue airline logo and name
jmcGreen, 'Sick as a ...'
KLM IWhite 'Prullezakje', blue logo
KLM IIDark blue 'disposal bag' with logo
KLM IIIBlue 'disposal bag', no logo
KLM IVBlue 'disposal bag', cleaner environment
KLM VBlue and white, wavy lines
KLM VIBlue and white, wavy lines, glossy paper
KLM Cityhopper IBlue 'disposal bag', white logo
KLM Cityhopper IIWhite, blue logo
LOT Polish Airlines IWhite, blue logo, brown closing sticker
LOT Polish Airlines IIWhite, blue logo, green closing sticker
LTUWhite, red logo on base
Lufthansa IBrown, white airline name
Lufthansa IIDark grey, white logo, airline name in pleat
Lufthansa IIILight grey, white logo, airline name in pleat
Lufthansa IVLight grey, white logo, no sticker on base
Lufthansa VDark grey, white logo, no sticker on base
Luxair IWhite and blue, non-glossy paper
Luxair IIWhite and blue, glossy paper
Maersk AirBlue, mulitple logos, 'OXO' game
Malev Hungarian AirlinesWhite, instruction pictograms
Martinair IWhite, with Boeing 767
Martinair IIWhite with dark blue, airline name and logo
NorwegianGeneric: 'Do you want...' bag
Sabena IWhite, with black logo
Sabena IIWhite and blue, with clouds
Scandinavian Airlines IWhite and grey, grey 'SAS' logo.
Scandinavian Airlines IIWhite and blue, blue 'SAS' logo.
Scandinavian Airlines IIIGrey and blue, 'Scandinavian' in pleat.
SN Brussels Airlines IGeneric: plain white type I
SN Brussels Airlines IIGeneric: white with blue flower
SN Brussels Airlines IIINew logo and colour scheme
Sobelair ILight blue, white S-logo
Sobelair IIDenim blue, white S-logo
SwissWhite, red logo
SwissairBlue and orange, with clouds
SterlingRed, grey airline name
TAP - Air PortugalWhite plastic, airline name and logo
TransaviaWhite, airline logo and 'throw away'-pictogram
Virgin Express IWhite, old logo, non-glossy
Virgin Express IIWhite, old logo, glossy
Virgin Express IIIPromotional bag (Dutch)
Virgin Express IVWhite, new logo
White Eagle AviationWhite, blue logo
Wideroe I'Om? If?', white and green
Wideroe II'Oops.../Get well soon'
Airline logos used for informational purposes. All logos are trade marks of their respective owners.