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About the Aelat Meltem Kennel.

The Aelat Meltem Afghan Hound kennel was founded on the 11/10/2005 as a continuation of the el chamhyr kennel of Dr. Detaellenaere who unfortunally died in 2001.
The name "Aelat Meltem" which means "family of Meltem" is a tribute to my first Afghan Hound bitch Multi Champion Meltem Isfadha El Chamhyr(27.10.1988-22.04.2005!!) (father : Ch.Dhaid von Katwiga).
She was a bitch with a fantastic and typical Afghan Hound nature who made me love Afghan Hounds forever. She was also a great champion bred very closely to the standard. She was an Afghan excelling in beauty and performance and will be the great example of the new "Aelat Meltem kennel".
In 1991 meltem's sister came to us: Champion Phengazi El Chamhyr. She was also bred in the same spirit, a beautiful bitch with a great passion for racing and coursing, she also became a champion at international dogshows. Meltem's first family member was in the house: Aelat Meltem.
In 1994 Meltem became the mother of the two beautiful females: Champion Sahin El Chamhyr and Multi Champion Shanem El Chamhyr (father : Ch.Arangbar den Hertog). They both participated at a lot of dogshows and took part in more than 35 official coursings during their active running careers.
In 2001 our third generation was born out of Multi Champion Shanem El Chamhyr, daughter of Meltem (father : Yakim el Chamhyr). She gave us five fantastic puppies, two males and three females: Ayamh, Anthony, Amber, Amaal and Aicha El Chamhyr.Three of them stayed in the "Aelat" family: Ayamh, Amber and Amaal. Ayamh although being a very handsome male doesn't like dogshows. Amaal and Amber are participating a few times a year and they are doing very well.
But besides the shows they all have a great passion for running and coursing.
That's what they were born for. When you look at the pictures of the dogs you'll see they really smile when running.
In 2006 our latest generation was born. Mother Amber gave birth to four puppies: Fenrir, Furkhan, Falak and Fatin Aelat Meltem. (father : Ch.Bhelos Khan Rasath el Mahar). At the moment our youngest generation is doing great at shows and coursings and racing. Fatin is already an international coursing champion. Falak and Fenrir are almost show and coursing champions. Furkhan has his coursing licence.
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We plan a new litter in 2011.
Martine Torfs