The AccuPulse is a Loudspeaker build to reproduce music as accurately as possible. 

Front Side 

It can be considered as the evolution of the Manger ZeroBox 103, that we tried to optimize using a "Cost no Object" philosophy.
The result is a system of which each speaker is composed of two cabinets. 

The Manger Head

The Sub Woofer

The Filter tuning

The Manger top cabinet  is driven by an ASR Emitter II HD 1.3 AKKU  and a Michael Swoboda modified Sony XA-50 ES CD player.
The ASR is an amplifier which has an extremely relaxed sound and huge amounts of power (actually more than 600 Watt continuous per channel at 4 Ohm and over 1KWatt continuous per channel at 2 Ohm), it is also extremely fast (bandwidth of 500.000 KHz) and has an extremely low output impedance (damping factor at 8 Ohm in excess of 1000). At its current price +/ 7.500 Euro, its an absolute bargain. It has three separate power supplies (one for each channel plus a separate one for the preamplifier) totaling approximately 3000 Watts of transformers, more than 800.000 uF of capacitors. The preamplifier supply is a battery supply that is charged during off times. It has more than 100 hours run reserve. The amplifier with its three separate power supply units weight approximately 130 Kg, so be prepared if you have to move it. The only thing you can compare it to are the large (and vastly more expensive Accuphase, Mark Levinson or Krell Power amplifiers and mono blocks)
The latest acquisition is the power regenerator P1000 from PS- Audio.  The regenerated power is only used for the source (CD, DAT...)
each of the ASR's main supplies is connected to one of the two ultimate outlets of the P1000.



Since 17 Aug 2001

Last Modified 08/11/2004

The Accupulse also has a rear speaker version.

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