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  Follow route 2 to the Mill, show your badge, listen to the Dec clock and read the DEC Corporate Beliefs.

  The last official Digital Party.        For you pleasure links to other Xdeccies  Clubs.

                                                                                Xdeccies party 2003 & 2004 have been archived for obvious space reasons

                     Xdeccies party 2005 pictures list                                Xdeccies party 2006 pictures list

                     Xdeccies party 2007 pictures list                             Xdeccies party 2008 pictures list.

                  Xdeccies party 2009 pictures list.                            Xdeccies party 2010 pictures list.

                                                                                                ****Xdeccies Party 2012****

                                        Saturday, June 16 at 7 pm   Feestzalen De Venkel 3070 Kortenberg

                                            For information and invitation contact johan.brusche@skynet.be

                                                                      Invitation document click here

                                                    The Digital  Gossip page  

                 Old timer Maynard  Memories                            Product support group of the Nineties

               Pizza (Mezze) Meeting: Every 1st Thursday of the month. Mail your participation to Pierre.

             Xdeccies memories.       Memorable documents.     Ken Olsen's visit at the Brussels's office.

                  as seen by Wikipedia    Visit our  Dec Museum      The burial of a glorious past at Ebes


                   Doug Jones's DEC PDP-8 Index         Gordon Bell's Publications        Pdp planet


A brief PowerPoint presentation on some Digital Achievements

Information on our Country  Managers

Our other occupations: Les Echansons et  Le Fenil

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