If you're a real Wu Tang fan then you've got to understand what they are saying and mean in their lyrics. The meaning of common analogies used in their lyrics are shows below in alphabetical order - they represent Wu's philosophy.
This is the Wu B.I.B.L.E.

* Note: The Wu B.I.B.L.E. is not my work and full credit goes to Martin Lenngren for this brilliant compilation.


5% Nation - An Islamic group which started as an offshoot of the Nation Of Islam. They teach that any large group of people, and more specifically, the African American nation, can be divided into three groups, the 85% = basically the ignorant masses which need to be led, the 5% = the people with true knowledge of self whose job it is to lead the masses and fight against the 10%, the 10% = people who have partial knowledge of self and use it to gain power and wealth by exploiting the 85%, also referred to as "bloodsuckers of the poor". The chosen percentages are what they feel that the percentages are within the black community. These numbers are neither universal (all though these groups do exist within any large group) nor unchangeable.

6 Feet Deep - How deep your buried when your dead.

7 - The letter G, G = God.

10% - Rich slave makers of the poor, who teach the poor lies to make the people beleive that the old might living god is a spook in the sky and you can't see him with your psychal eye, Also know as blood suckers of the poor. "Now you got the 10% Who are rich slave niggas of the poor" From "Wu-Revolution".

16 Ooh - A building in Park Hill; number 160.

85% - Uncilived, poison animal eaters, they don't know who the true living god is or there orgins in the world. They worship what they know not and easly lead in the wrong direction. Also known as the Dumb, Def and Blind. "That came on the slave ships 85%." From "Wu-Revolution".

917 - This the area code where cell phones and pagers are on in new york.. "smoke a blunt and dial 917". From "Winter War

Abbot - The superior of a monastery. From Aramaic 'Abba' = Father.

Allah - Muslim name for the supreme being. The god of Islam and of Christians.

Amarredos - Italian bit-size cookies that often come with meals. "Eatin better amerados".

Anthidium Manicalcum - One of the Killa Bees (see Killa Bees).

Apis Mellifera - One of the Killa Bees (see Killa Bees).

Apocrypha - "Lost" books of the Bible, such as Enoch, Maccabees,...etc.

Armageddon - Battlefield described in the Bible in Revelation 16:16 as the scene of the predicted final struggle between good and evil. The name may be taken from that of the battlefield Megiddo (see Judges 5:19) in the Plain of Esdraelon, which was well known because of the many battles that were fought there between the Israelites and their enemies during the biblical period. Hence, the term has been applied to any great conflict or slaughter.

AWOL - A military term. It stands for Absent Without Official Leave. It's a serious charge. If you go AWOL when you are in the Army, you can get serious jail time. "Semi-automatic attack'll spray y'all liquid sword swingin slay all, I'm AWOL" From "Semi-Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket".

Bag Up - Getting arrested or caught by the police.

Bammer - A gun. "Cock back my head like a hammer, my head is like a nickle platted bammer, spit 45 caliber grammer" From Deadly Melody.

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth - The Bible.

Belly of the Beast - To be locked up in the system, to be in jail, the beast being the justice system.

Bent - Slang for being high/intoxicated. "Some fall victim, others get bent".

Bethlehem - Another name for Brooklyn but originaly it comes from a town in Jordan, which is cheifly a religious shrine. It is about 8km south of Jerusalem. "Comin from the brickhouses of Brooklyn, the Bethlehem" From "The Last Shall Be First Intro."

Biscuit - A gun.

Biter - A person who copies and ain't orginal. (see Shark nigga).

Black Chocolate - A black girl.

Black Shampoo - Type of shampoo that is supposed to stimulate people and make them horny.

Bolos - South American throwing weapon.

Boo - Girlfriend.

Book Of Enoch - A book of Apocrypha that tells of the coming Messiah, fallen angels, prophecies and more.

Box In Hand - From old Kung Fu flicks. The student had to get the Box out of the masters hand.

Brooklyn House - A Prison. "Or get locked the fuck up in Brooklyn house." From "Snakes".

Brooklyn Zoo - Brooklyn in generall.

Buckshot - Term for bullet, more specific is a type of shotgun bullet that shoots out pellets which spread instead of a normal solid bullet.

Burner - A gun.

Butter Pecan - Puerto Rican girl. "One love to my butter-pecan ricans for calling me poppy." From "Ice Cream".

Calico - A gun.

Cheddar - Money.

Chef - Cocaine cook. "Chef Cocain cook, a marvelous book". From "Heaterz".

Cherry head - That´s a fool-ass nigga.

Chi - The greatest attribute of a Shaolin monk/warrior was that he was almost invisible, his body before the invention of firearms was almost impenetrable, neither swords, knives or nunchuckas could penetrate the skin of a monk. This is due the ability of monks to make contact with the earth, in doing so giving them the ability to draw upon energy in its purest form. This was called 'chi' This mastering ensured that a monk could use his head as a anvil or his hands as hammers without any fear of pain. Many conditioning techniques where employed to prepare a monk to this state. It took three years of techniques like the Louhan Beating Technique, which were practised for at least 3 hours a day before a monk could say he had mastered his chi. Louhan Beating technique involves the beating of a warriors body to condition it from pain. This was done by a constant beating from the front, side and back of a warrior simultaneously from other monks with both their hands and legs.

Chicken Head - Term used when referring to females who perform blow jobs (oral sex on males), because of the motion of the woman's head back and forth, like a chichenhead. "Chickenheads gettin slim like olive oil." From "4th Chamber".

Chrome - Gun, as in "adress him with chrome only".

C-cipher - Cops, police. "Watch for the wooden soldiers, C-cipher punks couldn´t hold us". From "Triumph".

Cipher - 1. Another word for circle. 2. Surroundings, neighbourhood.

Clarks - Company who makes "Wallabees". "Boom, yo I got a crazy idea how to do Clarks now." From "Glaciers of Ice".

Cock Block - To prevent someone from having sex. "Aiyo, this shit be off the knock it rock whatever cock block it" From "Black Jesus".

Concrete Jungle - Slang for any Inner-city area because the Inner-city is like a jungle cause it's so wild and it's a city so it's concrete.

Crane style - It is a system in which one keeps the arms wide and making wing like movements, high kicking and the cranes beak, a hand weapon made by joining the fingertips firmly.

Cream - Money, Cash Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M).

Crill-Crill - Another name for crack. "Cash crills, dollar bills, swish suit on. screw on, dry cell nigga with his loot on" from "Nighttime Vultures".

Crime - Criminals Robbin' Innocent Muthafuckas Everytime. From "I Got Your Back"

Crooked I Sipper - Crooked I is a drink made by St. Ides but it's non-alcoholic. This is someone who drinks it because they can't handle their liquor. It's considered a diss to call someone that.

Cuban Linx - A type of gold chain Raekwon has it on in Ghostfaces album cover.

Darts - Styles, dart throwing = throwing styles which the Wu is suppose to have a unlimited amount of. "This year we throw darts in the air." From "Oh Donna".

Death trap - An unsafe building or other structure.

Desert E - Short for a gun brand called Desert Eagle, famous for magnum type weapons. "Own a Desert E Keep it closely, I feed off envy and foul energy." From S.O.S.

Dick Rider - Someone that tries to kiss ass or suck up. / One who blindly follows artists without any objectivity. "That shit is fucked up yo, we never turn to dick riders." From "Little Ghetto Boys".

Disciple - Jesus had 12 disciples, who followed him in his mission.

Divine - 1. a) Being a deity. b) Of or relating to a deity. 2. Superhuman, godlike. 3. Supremely good, magnificent. "The all eye seein, heavenly divine The truth brings out, the temper in my spine." From "Supa Ninjaz".

Dragon style - Is at first a hard external style, but turns into a flowing and very defensive art. The point of the style is tire an opponent out by stopping his counter attacks. The attacks are disguised and extremely smooth. They are a parries of simple strikes.

Drop science, drop knowledge - To demonstrate wisdom or skill.

Drunk Style - During the Tang dynasty Shaolin warriors saved the life of Emperor Li Shimin'. A imperial decree was issued allowing Shaolin Monks to eat meat and drink wine, something they did very little of. as the Shaolin monks drank very little many became drunk. After some observation of a drunk person it was decided that the actions of a drunk person could be used in a powerful new style. This they developed Drunk Style. The style uses the slow and sloppy moments of a drunk person to create a great amount of force behind each blow thrown.

Duck - Sucker.

Duck Seazon - Hunting for ducks, (see Duck).

Dulses - Bullets.

Dumb, Deaf and Blind - Is used to describe people who have not followed the ways of the 5% nation of islam.

Dutchmaster - Dutch Master is a brand of cigars. Sometimes when rolling a serious blunt, the tobacco is removed from a cigar and replaced with marijuana.

Eagle Technique - This Shaolin Kung Fu technique mimics a Eagles swooping on his prey. this offensive style employs swift powerful hits from both the hands and legs to disable the enemy.

Earths - Female member of the 5% nation of Islam.

Fam - Short for Family.

Fish - Pussy.

Flavor Wallabees - Wallabees that are dyed. (see Walllabees).

Hollows, or Hollow point - A type of bullet which seem to expload on contact.

French Vanilla - Frensh Girl. "Big up to my french vanillas parlez vous, francais, mi amor, merci, oui oui, bon bons and all that good stuff". From "Ice Cream".

Full Metal Jacket - A type of bullet which seems to split up and tear, cutting the target on contact.

Ganja/Ganja Leaf - Marijuana. "Super freak physique. like Raphael Saadiq Baby love the ganja leaf, everday of the week". From "It´s Yourz".

God degree - Food.

God hour - 7 o´ clock.

Gods - Blackmen who are part of the 5 percent nation of Islam.

God U's - Guns.

Gotham - Used as an alias for New York. From the comic book character Batman's fictional home town.

Gravedigga - A person that´s trying to awake mentaly dead people.

Grill - Head or Mouth. "Still punch a cobra in his grill" from "Inmates of The Fire"

Guillotine - Decapitating machine, named after a French physician, Joseph Ignace Guillotin, who proposed its use in 1789. It consists of two upright posts, grooved on the inside and connected at the top by a crossbeam. A sharp, oblique blade, placed between the grooves, is held at the top of the machine by a rope. On release of the rope, the blade drops onto the neck of the victim strapped to a board at the base of the machine. Similar execution devices were known before the guillotine, which was used largely during the French Revolution 1789-1799.

Hasmonian - Member of Maccabean family or dynasty.

Hater - One who dislikes an artist for no musical reason.

Heaterz - Gunz.

Herbalz - Marijuana, orgins from "herbs".

High Numbers - Many years.

Hollows, or Hollow point - A type of bullet which seem to expload on contact.

Hottie - Fine or attractive female.

Ice - 1. Drugs, particullarly cocaine. 2. Diamonds. "We gonna pull a heist, snatch ice or rock mics".

Ice Cream - 1. see "Ice" 2. A fly honey or fly girl.

Ice Grill - 1. To give someone a mean look 2. A gun from "Windpipe".

Immobilarity - 1. I Master More Opponents By Implementing Loyalty And Respect In To Youngsters. 2. Real property; tangible assets; i.e. real estate.

Jakes - Cops, Police.

Javeline - Light spear used as a weapon. "As I stick my javeline up in your abdomen." From Flamling Swords.

Jewels - Knowledge, when you teach someone your dropping jewels on them.

Johnny Blaze - Marvel Comics superhero GhostRider's real name, meth tends to call himself johnny blaze sometimes kinda like Tony Starks = Ironman from comic book.

Johnny Dangerous - ex. Johnny Blaze. (see Johnny Blaze) "Who got John Blazeshit?/ suckin' my dick to get famous/ so I switched from Blaze to "Dangerous". From "Torture".

Judgement Day - Its the last day on earth when we either go to hell or heaven. (see Repentance Day).

Jungle Nilz - Mariners Harbor (Staten Island hood).

Kangol's - Are those hats that with the lil' kangaroo on them.

Kevlar - Originally designed for steel-belted radial tires, Kevlar is a high-strength fiber that is 5 times stronger than steel. Kevlar helmets prevent small-caliber ammunition from penetrating the helmet and provide protection for the head, temple, ear and neck "Rapid fire shots ripple through kevlar" from "Spazzola"

Killa Bees There is a lot of different species.
Anthidium Manicalcum
- This is the most aggressive territorial bee known. Male often kills any bee who enters their territory. This bee represents Raekwon, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Bobby Digital (RZA), Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna.
Megachile Willughbiella - Comes from Kenya. This is an enormous family with thousands of species commonly called Mason Bees. They represent Killarmy, Sunz of Man, Royal Fam and Shyheim.
Apis Mellifera - Represent Black Knights of the North Star, A.I.G., Ruthless bastards, Remedy and The Beggaz.

Killah Hill - Park Hill (Staten Island hood).

King I Divines - Kids "King I Divines never shine when we enter the sector"

Knuckle Up - Ready to fight, by closing ones fist and opening it or popping knuckles. "Start to knuckle up and, gun shots start to click the block's duckin." From North Star(Jewels)

Koran - The sacred text of Islam, considered by Muslims to contain the revelations of God to Muhammad. Also called Alcoran.

La Costra Nostra - 1).An Italian Mob saying, means "This thing of ours". Referring to the Italian Maffia itself. "Flash madelines like Italians, la costra nostra, we moving to your hood like we supose ta." From "Duck Seazon".

Lebanon - Another name for Long Beach.

Leopard style - An intermediate of the Tiger style (see Tiger Style) it has several major offensive techniques the chain and whip and the leopard fist. The fist is used too jab and rake soft point on the human structure. It is an offenive style meant to injure an opponent.

Liquid swords - Being lyrically sharp with your tongue.

Lucci - Money.

Luger - German hand gun used by the Nazi's in the Second world War. Also known as Parabellum. "Two slugs from my luger will move ya" From "La Saga".

Maccabees - 1. Ruling Jewish dynasty that ruled Palestine aproximately 141 b.c. to 37 b.c. 2. Two books of the Old Testament Apocrypha that tell of the Maccabees revolt over Syria.

Madhatter - Drug Dealer.

Manchuz - Short for Manchurians, the Shaolin monks enemys according to ancient legends.

Mantis - "The technique, depends mainly on arm and finger strength. Once you've that, then the next step is to learn how to pierce stone. Well you might as well start practicing now. Do you-Do you-Do you-Do you Do you know, mantis legends? How it was it all started? It was fighting off this blackbird. Although it was only a tenth of the bird's size it was a very valiant insect. And that's why the technique, needs a brave man. And a strong one, who isn't afraid of birds". "Man-Mantis style isn't easy to learn. A mantis is small, but powerful. With it's arms, it can lift up many times it's own weight". From "Mantis".

Mecca - Harlem/Uptown. A city in western Saudi Arabia near the coast of the Red Sea. One of the three holy cities in Islam cause it´s the birthplace of the prophet Muhammed. (see Medina and New Jerusalem)

Medina - A city of western Saudi Arabia north of Mecca. The Wu use it as another name for Brooklyn.

Megachile Willughbiella - One of the Killa Bees (see Killa Bees).

Milk the Cow - Dropping knowledge to the youth. Like giving milk to a baby so he/she can live.

Monkey Style - Monkey Style's offensive and defensive positions are meant to surprise and disorient an enemy. This style is the first mastered style of a child monk, who are usually initiated at the age of about 10.

New Jerusalem - New Jersey.

Nickle platted - A gun with chrome outside. "Kid, you oughta start reachin' for that nickle-plated auto- Matic, my thoughts get sporadic"

Noodles - Masta Killa's alias, taken from the character played by Robert De Niro in "Once Upon A Time In America" directed by Sergio Leone.

Now born - New Brighton (Staten Island hood).

Old earth - Mother, "shes the old earth couse she fertalizes the seed".

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx - Only made for those who understand.

Peace - Positive Enlightenment Always Corrects Errors.
Proper Equality Activates Controlled Emotions.
Positive Energy Actives Constant Elevations.
Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions.
Positive Energy, Always Corrects Errors.
Protons, Electrons, Atoms Cause Explosions.

Pelican - 1. Guns 2. Bullets.

Pelon - Another name for Bronx.

Pie - Pussy

Pillage - To rob of goods by force; plunder. "The Pillage is all the trials and tribulations black people have endured - slavery, statistics, arrests. It's everything we have survived through getting stripped of our culture, language and freedom and being hated by all other races" according to Cappa.

PJ's - Projects.

P.L.O. - Stands for Palestine Liberation Organization, a group of Arab terrorists.

Politic/Pollyin' - Running shit by talking game, like politicians do.

Poppi Wardrobe King - Capp's alias when speaking on his "Top dresser one man catalouge" style in "Slang Editorial"

Power-U - Pussy.

Praying mantis style - It is about 100% power output and the style is often deadly there really is not lot of coreagraphed moves it is just about hurting the opponent as much as posible (see Mantis).

Precint - 1. A district of a city, patrolled by a specific unit of its police force. 2. An election district of a city or town. As in "His weekends was frequently locked inside a precint" or "After watching Jacky Gleesen walk into a precident gunned down the captain for now fucking reason".

Red Hook - Not only a record label that drops bootleg albums on us, it´s also an area in Brooklyn.

Rellish - A vegtible, but term wise its marijuana. "Light up the broccoli kid, throw the rellish in my back pocket" From "Projects".

Repentance day - It's the last day on earth when we either go to hell or heaven. (see Judgement Day).

Represent - Hold true to who you are and where you come from.

Rikers Island - A famous prison in NY it was built before 1900's. and before San Quentin. Like in "Everyone from Riker's Island to San Quentin, keep ya heads up niggas".

Ruckus - A disturbance; commotion.

Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah - RZA.

Scrape - To fuck.

Scuds - Slang for bullets. Named after Scud missles. "Young bloods bust back like scuds." From "Bells Of War".

Seed - Child.

Serpent Style/Snake Style - Serpent Style is used to scare an enemy. This technique exploits the opponents weak spots by making treachorous attacks, at a tremendous speed inflicting much damage and confusion each time it is employed. The style consists of numerous complicated moves but it is basically supposed to prey on pressure points and cause severe internal bleeding that is not life threatening. You are to use an upright stance which allows for more mobility. Blows are not traded in this style it is mostly quick devastating blows and then a lot of dodging

Shadow box - 1).To spar with an imaginary opponent.
2).is a form of shaolin fighting where the hands move really fastsame with shadow kick.

Shaolin - Nickname for Staten Island.

Shark nigga - A person who copies and ain't original.

Sheik - A leader of an Arab or Muslim tribe, village, or family.

Shimmy - Booty, ass.

Shines - Gold chains

Shogun - The hereditary commander of the Japanese army, a general.

S-I-N-Y - Staten Island New York from 'Spazzola'

Slug - Term for bullet, more specific a type of shotgun bullet which is solid and very powerful. "Slugs hit the belly" From Knuckleheadz

Sing Sing - A jail in New York. "I sing a song from Sing-Sing" or "which strap the sinners in, to sell such in Sing-Sing".

Snakes - People you can't trust, probably orginated from "Adam and Eve" while being tricked by the devil when he appeared as a snake.

Snake style - The style consists of numrous complicated moves but it is basically supposed to prey on pressure points and cause severe internal bleeding that is not life threatening. You are to use an upright stance which allows for more mobility. Blows are not traded in this style it is mostly quick devastating blows and then a lot of dodging.

Sodom and Gomorrah - According to the Old Testament (notably Genesis 18, 19), two ancient cities near the Dead Sea. The Bible almost invariably speaks of them together. With Admah, Zeboiim, and Zoar, they formed the five "cities of the plain," all but the last-named of which are said to have been destroyed by a rain of brimstone, perhaps accompanied by an earthquake, because of the wickedness of their inhabitants. Some evidence indicates that they did exist, were destroyed, and that their sites now lie under the Dead Sea. The biblical story of the destruction of the cities is considered by many critics similar to tales found among the Arabs (and other ancient peoples) regarding the sudden disappearance of places; indeed, Lot, who in the biblical story survives the destruction, figures prominently in the Koran. Those who deny the literal accuracy of the narrative contend that the desolate character of the land around the Dead Sea, which is fatal to plant and animal life, would naturally suggest the thought of some catastrophe. Jesus Christ said that on the day of judgment, God would be more severe with cities rejecting the gospel than he had been with Sodom and Gomorrah (see Matthew 10:15, 11:20-24).

Soul Controller - To be the controller of all things around you.

Stapleton - Staten Island hood.

St. Ides - A brand of malt liquor. Wu-Tang has done comercials for them.

Sun, Moon and Stars - Man, Woman and Child.

Son Of Man - A term used to describe Jesus in revalations. "There he was standing with a gold girtle, as the son of man".

Sunshower - Judgement Day.

Supreme Alphabet - The Supreme Alphabet consists of the 26 letters having seperate meanings. (ex G is God, Z is Zig-Zag-Zig). (see 5% Nation)

Supreme Mathmatics - Teaches that the numbers 0-9 means. 0- Cipher 1- Knowledge 2- Wisdom 3- Understanding 4- Culture 5- Power 6- Equality 7- God 8- Build 9- Born And when Knowledge is Born you get 10 which is Knowledge-Cipher, because the circle cannot be activated without the Knowledge. Cipher is shown only as 10 because once you complete a Cipher, the Knowledge is present for you to begin to complete the next Cipher. The Wu use these a lot and it helps to know it. It's used mostly for years; you've heard Born-God (97) or Capp shout out he's "Takin' it back to Build-Build". (see 5% Nation)

Swayze - To be a ghost, to disappear.

Tabernacle - A Religious Sanctuary. Wu usually means the Holy Tabernacle Ministries, which is a group led by Dr. Malachi Z. York.

Tai-Chi - Its a martial arts that you use to meditate and to expand your mind (see Chi).

Tec 9 - A Tec 9 (Intertec) is a submachine gun capable of firin about 450 rounds(bullets) a minute. "This tecnique is tec 9.".

Thai stick - Marijuana

Tec - 9mm handgun. "not a handgun was silent, not even a tec".

The Desert - Another name for Queens.

Tical - Marijuana, word from native american tribe "Tikal"

Tiger style - Is a hard external style that meets force with force with force. Its primary hand weapons are the closed fist and the tiger claw while the kicking manuevers are usually low to middle range kicks of extreme power. The key to the style is the strong counter attack.

Timberlands - Wu's footwear of choice, rock these in winter and Clarks in the summer.

Tony Starks - Ghostface Killah's Wu-Gambino name, orginated from Ironman from Marvel comics because one of Ghostface's alias is Ironman.

Tossin Salad - In prison, gay fags throw food on each others ass and eat it out, when you eat fish and tosh salad, you eat her pussy out with some food on it, like you could throw jelly on your pussy and eat her out.

Walk the Dog - Taking care of business.

Wallabes - A brand of shoes made by clarks, those are those shoes on the Ironman album cover, Ghostface dyes all his wallabee.

Wally's - Short for Wallabees. (See Wallabees). "Red and white Wally's that match, bend my baseball hat." From "Daytona 500".

What the Blood Clot - An expression used by Jamaicans it has to do with womens menstrual cycles and is an insult, but in this case it just means what the hell.

Whip - Car.

Wigg - Head, as in "I´m gonna split your wig with the heater" (see Heaterz).

Wildflower - Pussy.

Wildin' - Actin' wild.

Wild Wild West - West Brighton (Staten Island hood).

Winter Warz - The cold war.

Wiz/Wisdom - A girlfriend/wife.

Wu-Tang - "Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game"
"We Usually Take All Niggas Garments"
"We Usually Take Another Niggas Garments"
"Wisdom of the Universe and the Truth of Allah for the Nation of the Gods"
"Wisdom Unlocks Taught Ambitions, Nurturing Gods"