Wu-Tang Clan Consists Of:
RZA | GZA | Raekwon | U-God | Ghostface Killah
Inspectah Deck
| Method Man | ODB | Masta Killa



real name: Robert Diggs
also known as: Prince Rakeem, Bobby Steels, Bobby Digital, The Abbot, Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah, RZArector
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Everything started when RZA and his two cousins Ol' Dirty and GZA started the group 'All in Together now'. All in together now is unknown to most of us but other members of the clan claims that if the group would have continued with their shit they would have been the dopest group ever. RZA's first single was released on a EP and it was called 'Ooh We Love You Rakeem' and at that time RZA was known as Prince Rakeem.
Rza got a hand on almost every of the Wu's solo albums, and now I'm talking producing (even if he guests with his rap on almost every album). He has also produced music for his ex. group gravediggaz and lots of other "Wu-Fam albums". It was RZA who produced the three Wu-Tang albums: 'Enter the Wu-Tang(36 chambers)', 'Wu-Tang Forever' and 'The W'.
RZA has 9 sisters and brothers and one of them, sofia, has started a manicure shop in staten island next to the wu-wear store and it's called 'Wu-Nails'.
RZA has dropped his own solo album's called 'Bobby Digital in Stereo' and 'Digital Bullet'. They were not like every body expected, It's a little different, some people like it some don't and from U-God's words: 'Niggaz aren't ready for that shit yet'...


real name: Gary Grice
also known as: The Genius, Justice, Maximillion, GZA, The Head, Allah Justice
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GZA is borned in Staten Island(shaolin). You can say that he, RZA and Ol' Dirty is the oldest Wu-Tang members. His career started in the 80's when he, RZA and Ol' Dirty started a group called 'all in together now'.
GZA has released three albums now, the first one in 1990 'Words From The Genius' on Cold Chillin'. That album wasn't GZA's best he even got kicked from Cold Chillin' because of it.
Tthe second one was the classic 'Liquid Swords' which made GZA to one of the smoothest rappers in the Clan.
The third and last album from GZA was released june 1999 titled 'Beneath The Surface'.
GZA directs most of the Wu-Tang Clan music videos and also for Sunz Of Man & Shabazz The Disciple.
GZA has already started the work for his upcomming album 'Above The Surface'.



real name: Corey Woods
also known as: Chef, Raek, Lou Diamonds, Louis Rich Diamonds
birthday: January 12, 1968
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Raekwon was born and raised in Park Hillz, Staten Island(shaolin). He is one of the sharpest rappers of the Wu-Tang and he's cooking togehter the most coolest shit, that's why his other name The Chef. It was raekwon who came up with the slang for money; C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me).
Raekwon debuted like most of the clan members on Wu-Tang´s first album 'Enter the Wu-Tang(36 chambers). On the album 'Wu-Tang Forever' he can be heard on almost every track. He has appeared on all his fellow members solo albums except Inspectah Deck's 'Uncontrolled Substance' (1999, loud records). His own album 'only built 4 cuban linx' was released in 1995 guest starring Ghostface Killah. All the clan members except U-God appeared on that album, there were also appearences by Wu-Fam artists like 60 second assassin, Blue Rasberry and Cappadonna. The album got a lot of attention and Reakwon became one of the most famous Wu-Tang members. Raekwon 2nd Album 'Immobilarity' didn't get as much attention as the first album even though it sold gold (500 000 copies). That album was released under the period when everybody said that the wu were going down and this album didn't make it better.



real name: Lamont Hawkins
also known as: Baby U, Golden Arms, 4 Bar Killer, Lucky Hands
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U-God was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn. U-God, RZA and Raekwon lived in Brownsville when they were young it also happened that they moved to Staten Island(shaolin) together. U-God graduated from school and went to college. After two years in college he went to jail for narcotics possession and firearmz. After 2 years of jail RZA invited him to the group and he appeared on two cuts on their debut album 'Enter The Wu-Tang (36 chambers)'. U-God's 6 year old son should probably be glad of his father for not going in the same direction as he was when he was young.
U-God's debut album 'Redemption' was released in 1999 at Wu-Tang records. This album was one of the albums that didn't get so much attention.


Ghostface Killah

real name: Dennis Coles
also known as: Ironman, Ghost, Tony Starks, GFK, Sun God, Starkey Love, Wally Champ
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Ghostface Killah was born in Stapleton Projects and raised in Staten Island(shaolin). In the really beginning Ghostface was wearing a mask during they're first photos and videos Ghostface himself says that it was just an image but the romour says that's because he was wanted by the cops.
Ghostface Killah released his debut album 'Ironman' in 1996 produced by the RZA. His track 'All That I Got Is You' is probably his most known track. In the video for that song his son plays ghost as a child. Ghosface appeared on many tracks on Raekwon's album 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' and earned himself his name on the cover.
His Latest Album called 'Supreme Clientele' was like the new Bang for Wu-Tang, Ithink almost every Wu head feels that this album is a new classic.


Inspectah Deck

real name: Jason Hunter
also known as: Deck, Rebel INS, Rollie Fingers, 5th Brother
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Even before Inspectah Deck started rapping he and Ghostface used to paint a lot of graffiti, inspectah deck's tag was INS and thereby his other name Rebel INS, according to ghostface INS was a really good painter. It wasn't until he went to high school he started rhyming.
Inspectah Deck's debut album 'Uncontrolled Substance' was released 1999 on Loud records. Before this album was released the rumour said that that this album will have the same sound as '36 chambers' but when it dropped we all realized that it was just a rumour.
Inspectah Deck is also a very promising producer, he has produced tracks like 'visionz' from the 'Wu-Tang forever' album and 'Let Me at Them' from 'Tales From The Hood' soundtrack and ofcourse some tracks from his own album.


Method Man

real name: Clifford Smith
also known as: Meth Tical, Johnny Blaze, Ticallion Stallion, Hot Nikkels, Iron Lung, Blazini, Ghost Rider, MZA, Shakuan, Hot Nixon, Long John Silver
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Method Man grew up in East Meadows Hospital, Staten Island or shaolin as the Wu members say.
Method Man's parent's separated when he was born and his father was in jail. Method Man left home at the age of 13 to live with his friends in staten island and there he found his Wu fellows: RZA, GZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard which had started a group called 'All in Together now', so Method Man joined the group and later the group became Wu-Tang Clan. Method Man is also a member of the 5 Percent Nation, an offshoot of Nation Of Islam.
Method Man has released 3 solo albums, the first one released in 1994 called 'Tical' which became a hit for the most of us but some people was disappointed. the second one in 1998 called 'tical 2000: Judgement Day' and the third album was an album together with Redman called 'Blackout' and this joint was released in September, 1999.


Ol' Dirty Bastard

real name: Russell Jones
also known as: ODB, Dirt Dog, Joe Bananas, Dirt McGirt, Dirt The Flirt, Big Baby Jesus, Ol' Dirt Schultz, Cyrus, Unique Ason, Osirus, Jesus, Cyrus, Ol' Dirt Dawg
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Ol´ Dirty Bastard is the craziest wu member no doubt, whith his dirty lyrics and dope voice his probably the craziest mc in the whole world! Ol´ Dirty´s debut album 'return to the 36 chambers(the dirty version)' was released 1995. After he released his album he got shoot twice in the back but survived. He drops some lines about that in 'brooklyn zoo'. Ol´ dirty was nominated for best rap album of the year on the 1998 grammy awards but Puff Daddy stole the award from him. Ol´ Dirty has appeared on both GZA albums (Duel Of The Iron Mic, Crash Your Crew) and also both Bobby Digital albums (Black Widow Parts 1 & 2).


Masta Killa

real name: Elgin Turner
also known as: Noodles, Jamal Arief, High Chief
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As you know, not much is known about Masta Killa because he is a bit of the quiet type, when they are on concerts he almost doesn't speak at all. Masta Killa has showed us his talent on the cut 'Mystery of chessboxin' on 'Enter the Wu-Tang' were he and his smooth talent rhymes cool and phat.
In the really beginning when the first wu demo tape came out, masta killa didn't even know all of the members. When Masta listened to the tape he kind of stuck for it and tried to get in contact with them, Unfortantly at that point he got accused for murder, but got away because they didn't have enough evidence, thereby he got his name Masta Killa.
Masta Killa is now working on his upcomming album.