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* Artists or groups which were once part of the Wu. But for one reason or another severed their Wu ties.

MC, but primarily a Producer who's works include tracks by Cappadonna.

-North Star-
aka: North Star Fam
West coast duo consisting of Christbearer (aka Ice), and Miko (aka Miko The Pharoah, Minky). When North Star were first signed to "Wu-Tang Records" they were known collectively with the Black Knights, as Black Knights of the North Star. The two have now split into separate groups.

-Othorized F.A.M.-
aka: OTF, Authorised Fam
Staten Island quartet with members Crunch Lo (aka Crunch), Lounge Mode (aka Lounger, Loungin' Lo), C-Wiggs (aka Wigganomic, White Wigger), and Molly-Q (aka Kwue Molly). Othorized F.A.M. have been affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan since the very beginning and are very close associates of Cappadonna. Crunch Lo made a guest appearance on Cappadonna's "The Yin And The Yang", whilst Lounge Mode lent his vocals on Remedy's "The Genuine Article". Their main producer is 140 Productions (aka Sean), and are occassionally backed by fellow MC's Boy Blue and Clocka.
Albums: 1st Amendment (2001)

aka: Too Poetic, Grym Reaper
Began his career in a group called The Brothers Grym but left to find solo success prior to the release of "Blood, Sweat & Tears". Poetic has recorded the solo tracks "God Made Me Funky" and the Baby J driven "Savior". Passed away in July 2001 from Colon Cancer. Rest In Peace

-Pop Da Brown Hornet- *
aka: Poppy Da, Brown Bomber
First MC from GP Wu to release a solo LP. Pop Da Brown Hornet is the cousin of Wu-Tang Clansman, Ghostface Killah.
Albums: The Undaground Emperor (2000)

-Popa Wu-
Can be heard on various Wu albums giving preaches on the teachings of the "Nations of Gods and Earths". Popa Wu teamed up with a myriad of United Kingdom and Wu-Tang MC's to release two "solo" albums (one in MP3 format and one retail CD).
Albums: Visions of the 10th Chamber: The Harmonic Reality of Sound (2000); Visions of the Tenth Chamber (2000)

Wu-Fam member primarily in charge of management duties. Together with RZA, Power released the clothing line "Wu-Wear" and now is the executive producer for the American Cream Team. Brother of Killa Sin.

-Prodigal Sunn-
Sunz Of Man MC and also a member of Two Da Road (with 12 O'Clock). The brother of Makeba Mooncycle

-P.R. Terrorist-
aka: Dom PaChino
Killarmy MC who surprised most fans with a string of unheralded verses on the group's "Dirty Weaponry" album.

aka: Rem-D
Solo MC and Producer, and also the first white artist to be signed by "Wu-Tang". Has his own label "Fifth Angel" Records. Remedy first came to light with the release of his single "Seen It All" b/w "Everything Is Real". Neither of these tracks made it onto his long awaited debut album.
Album: The Genuine Article (2001)

-Royal Fam-
aka: Royal Famous
Group comprising of Dark Denim (aka Dark Ages), Dreddy Kruger, Mighty Jarret, Stoneface, and Timbo King. A lot of confusion has existed over the group members of Royal Fam. It was once suggested that Popa Wu was a member. Timbo King is undoubtedly the group's main MC handling the majority of the rhymes. Dreddy has also made a number of Wu album appearances also. Dark Denim released a solo track early in his career called "Doin' Our Thang" featuring Lord Smooth.
In early 2000, bootleg copies of a Royal Fam album was released in Europe and subsequently was made available worldwide, without the knowledge of the group itself. more..
Albums: Yesterday, Today, Iz Tomorrow (Bootleg Release) (2000)

-Ruthless Bastards-
Group comprising of Apocalips, Blizzard, Infrared, Sha Gotti (aka Valentino, Last Don), and Truck. Ruthless Bastards were already an established group before they signed on with "Wu-Tang". Although largely unknown at the time, Ruthless Bastards came to attention on RZA's "The Swarm" compilation with an offering called "Bastards". The production is handled mainly by The Blaquesmiths.

-Shabazz The Disciple- *
aka: Holy Psychiatrist, Scientific Shabazz
Notes: Former "Last Future" MC, and also once a part of the Disciples of Armageddon (with Killah Priest). Shabazz has publicly announced that he is not part of the Wu-Fam, but he was "discovered" as such by The RZA - and has roots leading into many Wu groups (Sunz Of Man, Gravediggaz, United Kingdom). Shabazz has recorded enough material for over 3 albums, but has maintained that he will wait for the right label deal.
Listed here ONLY because of his affiliation with the Sunz Of Man and Gravediggaz.


-Shaolin Soldiers-

Group comprising of Baby Pa, Lethaface, Profes, and Star. Lethaface was featured heavily on U-God's debut album and has also recorded with Shyheim. Star made a surprise cameo on Method Man's "Tical 2000: Judgement Day" album; and the entire group lent their vocals to King Just's "Mystics of the God" album.
This group is no longer in existence. Baby Pa has retired from rap altogether, leaving Lethaface, Profes, and Star as separate solo artists.

-ShoGun Assason-
aka: Warlord
Notes: Killarmy MC and Ohio native. ShoGun Assason has recently delved into production, making his debut as Producer on Shyheim's "Manchild" album with the track "Cease Fire".

-Shotti Screwface-
MC and close associate of LA The Darkman.

aka: Rugged Child, Micky Knos, Manchild
- Shyheim is a Wu-Tang Family member connected to the Clan in many ways, he is also known as 'The Rugged Child', because he was young when he was creating his first 2 albums 'Shyheim a.k.a. The Rugged Child' and 'The Lost Generation', RZA guest appears as a producer and as a performer in these albums, there is also a variety of guest appearances from GP Wu, Rubberbandz, Pop Da Brown Hornet, King Just, Killa Sin and Raekwon. RNS is the primary producer for Shyheim. Shyheim can be seen in the video by female group TLC 'Waterfalls' and the Raekwon video 'Ice Cream'. Shyheim sounds quite different in his newer material because his voice has broken, but still is a dope lyricist. Shyheim made his acting debut in TLC's 'Waterfalls' then acted in 'Original Gangstas' as Dink, a teen who sells information. His last album is called "Manchild".
Albums: AKA The Rugged Child (1994); The Lost Generation (1996); Manchild (1999)

-Six July-
aka: 6 July
Producer who's works include tracks by LA The Darkman and Ghostface Killah.

-Smokin' Joe- *
Producer who's works include tracks by Wu-Syndicate.

-Snuggle Up-
Lead MC for the COINS group. Also close to fellow United Kingdom MC, Makeba Mooncycle.

-Solomon Childs-
aka: Killa Bamz
Solo MC and close associate of Cappadonna and Remedy. He has made numerous appearances on both of these artists' albums.
Albums: King of New York (EP) (2001)

-Street Life-
aka: Street Thug
Street Life is another guest rapper for the Wu-Tang Clan, he first made an appearance on Method Man's solo album 'Tical', he rapped on the track 'Mr Sandman'. Street Life also appears on the new Wu-Tang Clan album, he rhymes on two tracks, 'Hellz Wind Staff' and 'Deadly Melody'. He has yet to have any exclusive solo material, but he does appear with Ghostface Killah and Method Man on 'Box In Hand' (The Original Promo Version), yet to be released beyond promo. Street Life also appeared with Inspectah Deck & U-God on the popular track 'Semi-Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket'. Street Life has yet to make a solo single and is unsigned, but expect that to change soon. Street Life is currently recording a solo album (label unknown).

-Suga Bang Bang-
Reggae artist (similar to Mighty Jarret). Member of the United Kingdom group and a solo artist. His first single can be heard on the US release of the "Ghost Dog" soundtrack, on a track called "Don't Test/Wu Stallion".

-Sunz Of Man-
aka: The Disciples, Da Last Future
Well known Wu group consisting of 60 Second Assassin, Hell Razah, Killah Priest, and Prodigal Sunn. The Sunz Of Man have seen a few roster changes since their inception (before Wu-Tang). Back then they were without 60 Second Assassin, but had 7th Ambassador (aka Holy Ghost, Zodiac Killa) and Shabazz The Disciple in their ranks. It was this outfit that worked with the then Wu producer Supreme Kourt and recorded a number of tracks. Shortly after, Shabazz left the group to pursue a solo career and 7th Ambassador retired from the rap game altogether. The Sunz Of Man are a part of the United Kingdom group, and have many close Wu affiliates including Trebag, Timbo King and Dreddy Kruger. For a more comprehensive Sunz biography, click here.
Albums: The Last Shall Be First (1998); The First Testament (1999)

-Supreme- *
aka: Supreme Kourt
Former Wu producer who's works include tracks by Sunz Of Man, and Shabazz The Disciple. Is responsible for bootlegging a large number of Sunz Of Man and Shabazz tracks, including the full length album "The First Testament".
Albums: [Various EP's from MP3.com]

The second Wu-Tang vocalist, Tekitha has been considered 'a s*** replacement', but that can be ignored for this piece. Tekitha was the main vocalist on the second clan album, Wu-Tang Forever, she provided the hook for 'Impossible' and even had a solo track entitled 'The Second Coming' which was an alteration of the classic 'McArthurs Park' by Richard Harris. Outside Wu-Tang Forever, Tekitha worked with 'The Wu All-Stars' on 'Soul In The Hole' where she did the chorus, and she stood in for Mary J Blige on Ghostface Killah's 'All That I Got Is You' video. Tekitha also makes a variety of appearances on Killah Priest's 'Heavy Mental'. Joining the current trend of female Wu-MC's, Tekitha is also a rapper, she's provides a rap verse on Cappadonna's 'Pump Ya Fist', she also sings on the album.

-Timbo King-
aka: King Tymel, Timbukto
Lead rapper for Royal Fam and also United Kingdom. Worked with producer Spark 950 to release the EP "United We Slam" in 1994 and a number of singles. A number of Royal Fam singles are purely Timbo King solos. Timbo has made many Wu-Tang album appearances including "Beneath The Surface", "RZA As Bobby Digital" and "The Yin And The Yang".
Albums: United We Slam (EP) (1994)

Trio consisting of Big Tariff, No Smiles, and Prime Life. TMF are signed to Ghostface Killah's "Starks Enterprises" label. They were heard in the background on "Supreme Clientele", and have made cameos on Shyheim's "Manchild" album and Pop Da Brown Hornet's "The Undaground Emperor".

aka: Big Trigga, Triggnomm
Solo MC and lead member of the group MMO. Trigga's first single was "New York Carjack" b/w "No Tomorrow".

-True Master-
True Master is another member of RZA's production company, he follows a similar path to 4th Disciple but he does not produce for any particular group, he has produced tracks for the Wu-Tang Clan such as 'The M.G.M.', & 'Heaterz', he has also produced for RZA himself in the track 'Tragedy', True Master will be doing the majority of producing on Cappadonna's album. He has also done some vocal performances in front the boards in a solo track called 'Who's The Truest?'. True Master produced 3 tracks on the Gravediggaz second album 'The Pick, The Sickle and The Shovel', and drops a rhyme on the self-produced 'Hidden Emotions'. True Master produces 3 tracks on Killah Priest's 'Heavy Mental', 'Cross My Heart', 'One Step' and 'If You Don't Know'.


-Two Da Road-
aka: 2 On A Role
Duo comprising of the unlikely pairing between 12 O'Clock and Prodigal Sunn. Two Da Road have made a number of radio appearances and reports suggest that they have recorded a substantial amount of tracks for a planned album.

-Uncle Pete-
Neither an MC nor a producer. Uncle Pete's role within the Wu-Fam seems to be only that of a preacher or mentor. He can be heard on the track "Wu-Revolution" on "Wu-Tang Forever".

-United Kingdom-
aka: UK, Population Click
Perhaps the most mysterious aspect of this group are its members. A lot of speculation has taken place on who exactly is part of the United Kingdom. Originally they were known as Population Click (with a very large contingent of MC's), but their present roster is still unclear. The most conclusive one to date lists these groups (in capitals) and members: Ace Council, Allah Real, THE BEGGAZ, BLACK ROSE KARTEL, BROOKLYN ZU, COINS, CUFFIE CRIME FAMILY, Don Chulo, Duck Low, Dungeon Masta, I Born, Kendra, Laquan, Lady Raw, Laza-Life, Makeba Mooncycle, THE MANCHUZ, Nikki, Popa Wu, PEE FROIS, Pyzone, ROYAL FAM, Suga Bang Bang, SUNZ OF MAN, Ty-Jigs, and ZU NINJAZ. The group have released only a handful of tracks under the name United Kingdom, and their only Wu album appearance was on Popa Wu's solo offerings. Not all the UK members may be Wu affiliates. PEE FROIS may be just one example. They are a group from Africa and was cited as being part of United Kingdom by Makeba Mooncycle during an interview. Rumors once suggested that the group were working on an album called "The Collision". UK's first single was "Wake Up" b/w "Soldiers of Darkness" (these later became Killarmy and Sunz Of Man singles).

-Wu-Syndicate- *
aka: Crime Syndicate
Originally named Crime Syndicate, the group briefly became Wu-Syndicate and comprised of Joe Mafia, Myalansky, and Napolean. Their debut album came out jointly on "Wu-Tang Records" and their own "Slot Time" Records. But not long after this there were reports of a fallout between Wu-Syndicate (and one of the main producers, E The Dred) with "Wu-Tang Records" which forced the group into another label. Wu-Syndicate have now reverted to their original moniker, Crime Syndicate.
Albums: Myalansky & Joe Mafia: Wu-Syndicate (1999)

-Y-Kim The Illfigure-
aka: Illmaster Y-Kim
Producer whose works include tracks by Buddha Monk, Killah Priest and Royal Fam.

-Zu Ninjaz-
Group consisting of K-Blunt, M.A.S.P.D., Popa Chief, and 5 Ft. Hyper Snyper. Has close connections with Buddha Monk and are a part of the United Kingdom group.