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Hi! Welcome to my little piece of the web!

Raison d'etre

I reactivated these pages (which were set up some years ago at another provider) in order to show some of my Basic-256 demo programs. Those can be found at the following location:
UglyMike's Basic-256 Demo Programs

I have now started a Tutorial series that you can see here: UglyMike's Basic-256 Particle Tutorials


Basic-256 is a nice QT-based program, available as normal or 'portable' package. It sports a simple basic dialect designed to teach beginners the basics of computer programming. That said, one can already make nice programs with it as I hope to demonstrate....

DS Homebrew

There is also some DS homebrew related info here on a great little DS animation package called Animanatee. Those pages however are a couple of years old and need to be refreshed. I hope to get round to updating them....


I'm also an avid follower of Ton Roosendaal's Blender project, a suberb and recently completely refurbished 3D Suite but lack of skills prevent me from dedicating a separate page for it..... You'll have to settle for some links instead.

The best Open Source 3D Suite out there: Blender3D, ...
This is the main Blender community site: BlenderArtist
This is the main Blender news site: BlenderNation
To see what is happening in Blender coding, look at the commiters archives: Bf-commiters List

CSS Layout

I found this very nice piece of CSS at Ruthsarian Layouts My thanks to the creator(s). My apologies as well because my web skills are sorely lacking lrading probably to big no-no's all over the code... In my defense, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Recent feedbacks:

08/09/2013: Love having you involved in the BASIC256 community. Jim

04/08/2013: This is one awesome blog.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

24/07/2013: Great stuff, man. Keep up the good work!

24/07/2013: Thank you ever so for you article post.Thanks Again. Great.

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20/04/2013: Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article. Keep writing.

25/03/2013: Excellent work!

01/02/2013: Hey, thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Great

25/11/2012: On the particle Tutorial: Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article post. Really Great.

26/08/2012: Thanks for a Basic, so simple yet so hard. lrcvs

28/02/2012: Thanks for the nice programming tutorials. I appreciate your efforts!!

16/02/2012: Awesome, I found it Basic256 by accident while reading through recommendations for new programmers. You are doing a great job demonstrating advanced programming concepts in KB256! Thanks & all the best!

18/10/2011: Excellent work - keep it up, please.

Added Aqua inspired BTK2 routines to the site.

Lots of older programs were horribly broken. Everything now runs ok again under

Added "Percolation" to the "BTK-256 Demo Programs" section.

Added "Basic Paint" to the "BTK-256 Demo Programs" section.

Added "Critters" to the "BTK-256 Demo Programs" section and a Flood-It game to "Other Programs".

Updated BTK-256 to version 2 (CALL/SUBROUTINE) and added a BTK-256 overall demo program.

Added a GUI to the small experiment with Perlin Noise and put it in "BTK-256 Demo Programs"

Added a small experiment with Perlin Noise in "Other Programs"

Added a nice program to perturbe a grid in "Other Programs"

Added a Foto Effect in the Particle based Programs

Added a Life! Cellular Automaton program to Demo programs

Added a BTK Checkbox GUI element
Added a BTK Grouper GUI element

Added a BTK Spinner GUI element

Added a first tutorial on Basic-256 Particle systems

Added a page counter and feedback-fields
Time to announce it...

It's alive! Alive!!

Basic-256 demo programs page done

Start website update