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Small thing I've noticed when looking at my NedStat statistics of people viewing this page: ~70% of the visitors are still using MS Internet Explorer!!!
People, wake up! Stop using that unsafe, crappy piece of sh!t!!! There are lots of reasons why you should not browse the web with IE.
Search Google for more information.
See also: http://browsehappy.com/ and http://www.flexbeta.net/ (windoze minded).
What are the alternatives? Mozilla Firefox, Konqueror (KDE), Opera, Safari (mac), ...


New pictures from Slovenia are now online: check them out!
I've been re-uploading previous pictures: it's almost done now (I have little time for boring stuff like resizing pictures and digging in kilobytes of html).


So, the site is still under construction but it has been up for a while on my internal server for testing purposes. It seems like it's mature enough to put it online. Keep in mind that there are still some things that need more work: not all pictures in the photo gallery in other stuff are transferred which results in 404s, the links need more work and there is nothing really useful yet in the new docs section.
However, I like the general look and feel of the website. It's easy to maintain, etc....
Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or other constructive remarks.


People change underwear, websites get a new design. The old design was boring and I have some spare time, so I created a new site. Not that the new design is more interesting but it's simpler to use/maintain (for me), cleaner and lighter. What can you expect from the new site? Actually nothing special: I'll try to update it more frequently and put more useful things online, like some articles/guides about Linux/BSD. Don't expect new projects very soon: I'm lazy...
There are new pictures in the other stuff section, check them out! (if you're interested)
Oh, I almost forgot: There is a quite recent picture of me in the about section.
New things in my life? Nothing special: just like last year, I didn't pass all the exams in the first try. But it's even better now: not only I have to re-study analysis II but also algebra II. "Say hello to diversity..." If I get bored with one, I can always learn the other. Wish me luck... again.


Slides voor capita selecta over 'Artificiele Intelligentie voor Computer Visie' zijn hier te downloaden (~1.1MB).
Veel plezier ermee!


I've made some updates to the other stuff section: New pictures from France and moon eclipse photos from 2003. Nothing special actually.
Life goes on, but this site stays as dead as always. I really don't have the time to be creative and productive.


Update: (06/01/2004)
Examenvragen 2de kandidatuur Wiskunde F&T + Wiskunde-Informatica zijn nu beschikbaar op de site! Ze zijn nog niet voor 100% klaar, maar worden wel dagelijks geupdated. Blijf daarom controleren of er een recentere versie beschikbaar is! Als je een afgeprinte versie wilt, laat me iets weten! LaTeX sources zijn tevens beschikbaar.
download tuy-2k.pdf (pdf). (versie van 06/01/2004)
download tuy-2k.tar.gz (LaTeX + figures). (versie van 06/01/2004)
download informatica.pdf (pdf). (Winak versie van lang geleden...)
Examenvragen 1ste kandidatuur Wiskunde F&T + Wiskunde-Informatica zijn ook beschikbaar:
download tuy-1k.pdf (pdf),
download tuy-1k.tex (LaTeX)


It's been a long time, ..., again. I start to realise I'm not able to maintain a website up to date if I don't push myself to do it :-). Good news: I passed my Analysis reexamination. So I'm doing my second year of Mathemathics now! Great news!
Probably, my programming skills will develop much faster as I'll have C++ programming courses this year: I can't wait to get my hands on some nice projects. That means This site could also be used as a C++ programming playground to show off things I've made :-).
Meanwhile, there are some new pictures in the other stuff.
Btw, I'm still on Slackware 9.0, I love it!
I've almost forgotten: I've written a very simple clock application using the Qt library for linux. You can try it out here.


So maybe you've noticed, and maybe you didn't: this site wasn't updated for more than 4 months right now. Why? simply put: I didn't have the time!
Now it's summer break and I have some time to play around with my projects and update my website.
So what's changed in 4 months? First of all I switched to linux some time ago. That means I don't use windows anymore! I had tried some diferent linux flavors in the past but I never managed to make the final switch. Now I did it and I can't regret it! I'm running Slackware 9.0 right now and it's a real beauty! I could write a book about it but I won't: you'll have to try for yourself. Using an other OS has some big consequences: you have to find software for it that matches your requirements.
And so: Everything I could do with windows had to be possible with linux. My website is made with Quanta plus, Maple 7 works!, Gaim for IM, printing with CUPS, raster graphis and photo editing with the Gimp, vector graphics with Sodipodi, Quakeforge as a lullaby and many more programs.
Finding all these wonderful programs and getting them working took some time but it was worth the effort.
The website had to be redisigned from scratch: Dreamweaver MX does produce REALLY messy code! Now the html code is much cleaner and the site is easier to update or redesign.
The graphical design is also something new. I like it, but it's not 100% ready yet: things will change sporadically and what you see is most probably not the final design. Let me know if you like it or not. suggestions are welcome!
What about my studies? Well the exams are over and I passed them all, exept for that one little thingie: Analysis. Unfortunately that's one of the most important courses so I'll have to learn for it again and try again in september. I hope I'll succeed! You can't imagine how MAD I would be if I won't pass this exam in september. I have to start studying Analysis again within a week or so. Looking forward to next year keeps me very motivated!
So that's enough news for one day, more will come later!


New site coming up!, stay tuned, some sections still in progress. Some stuff not ready yet. More news coming up... maybe even today, maybe tomorrow, maybe later...
Work in progress.


It's my birthday today. I'm getting old, very old... 20. :-)


A small fix to a very confusing error with RayMax. See the projects section for more information. A fixed version of RayMax is available.


I'm back after a rather long time of disactivity. The exams are finished and my one week of vacation too. It's back to reality now: study my ass off. All my programming work goes very slow now. I simply don't have the time to finish everything I wanted to.
Currently I'm trying to evolve my C++ knowledge to a higher state so I won't make the mistakes that I used to make before. Concretely it means that I will put much more time in designing and planning how to work and not rather just coding.
Some more interesting news now:
I don't use the msvc compiler anymore. I switched to DevC++ (gcc 3.2). Some reasons for this are listed in the projects section. I also plan to develop on Linux, so you could expect some Linux binaries/sources soon.
Finally, there is a new version of RayMax available! Not many updates right now. I concentrated on cleaning up/documenting my code and making it fully gcc compatible.
(some minor bugs are fixed too)


Some minor updates to the other stuff section. Mostly adding some new pictures and comments plus a better layout for viewing them.
The partial exams are approaching so I don't have much time to keep the site up to date. I'll try to write some articles in my free time, but don't expect them before february. Wish me good luck with my studies! :-)
Ah, btw, my ADSL connection is going from 1Mbit/s to 3Mbit/s, w00tw00t! :-)


Finally, the first real release of RayMax is available in the projects section. Check it out!
Many things are fixed, and most important of all: the new file format works!
(well, not 100% foolproof but it works :-)). There is also a new screenshot available.
The refraction code is still broken, so you won't see refraction this time! Only two types of primitives are supported by now, but hey! it's just the beginning :-)
What do I have to say more? This is a full-in-progress project, so don't expect supa-dupa-fancy-stuff yet but it will (hopefully) evolve ;-)


Still working on the import module for RayMax. It's almost finished by now. Just some small corrections. My refraction code was broken so I should fix it too, but first I'll finish some other stuff like camera positioning and adaptive supersampling / stochastic sampling. Expect a download in days! Sounds cool? Sure it is! :-)
ps. There is a new screenshot available in the projects section.


Woohoo!, I know It's been a very long time from the last update. It all has to do with my lack of free time because of my studies. I'm one moth at the university now and I think I like it.
I'm still working on my raytracer. There is no updated version this time because I'm implementing a nice file format for the scene definitions and it's still under heavy construction. But soon... I'll put something online, I promise.
As a small intermezzo I was also playing with the pq-torus. Maybe I'll release a demo or screensaver with pq-tori as soon as I will have some spare free time to throw it together.
I've also made some non-programmig related updates to the site, mostly in the other stuff section.
Over and out!


One small update. The Mandelbrot-Julia fractal explorer has been updated. This time the source is also included within the zipfile and the application itself is also cleaned up a bit.
(and does not terminate with a "any-key press" but with escape.)
Interested? Go to my projects page.


I'm currently working on my new raytracing-project. It is and will certainly be for a long time in an early development stadium. (knowing my "speed of development" :-P)
You may take a look at my projects page for further details.


Finally this site is up. After some months of lazyness and many failed attempts I've managed to make a website!
So, what can you expect from this website?
I've opted for a simple yet aesthetic look of the whole site. So you won't see fancy graphics around here, just plain text and a nice design.
In the "home section" you'll find all the news about me, my site and some other programming related news from other sites.
"About me" obviously tells something about me. (maybe I'll even put some pics there!)

the "projects" section is in fact the main purpose of this site. All programming related stuff will be there.
"Links" is ofcourse self explanatory.
The "other suff" section will contain non-programming related things and will be mainly used by my friends. (stuff like photos from parties, etc....)
and stuff available.

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