Welcome to the official site of Shutti

Shutti is a freeware shutdown utility. It is 100% based on power tools ,there are many kinds of shutdown tools: You can have a Shutidown Timer ,Shutdown booster , and other helpful tools that makes you easyer to shutdown your system safly and fast.

Because shutti is still in researche fase , we create a program for each tool. For some people this is easy , so they do not have to download what they do not need. But it can be hard to find out wich program you need for what..

You can always contact us if you need help about Shutti or if you have a problem with the shutdown of your system. Make sure to check our FAQ's page first.

Recent news

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    Shutti Shutdown Booster Released

    A new update for Shutti Booster is available for download. It is a stand alone tool you can use to boost your shutdown speed
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    Shutti Shutdown Timer Released

    A new update for Shutti 2010 Pro is available for download. It uses a brand new Shutdown engine 7 and it is ten times better and safer than the previous version!
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    Taking a break

    We will take a small break till the 1st of September. We are working hard to make Shutti Shutdown Booster ready for 11/11/11 but it will be close. Also Shutti Lite will be removed from our site..
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    Shutti 1st Anniversary

    After 1 year of creating various Shutti software, we want to take a small brake until the holidays. But we will start working on Shutti Shutdown Booster again...