Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is the meaning of the name Shutti?

    Answer: Originaly, shutti was only a Shutdown timer. It had the name Shutdown Timer , but because it was too relevant we renamed it to Shutti.
  • Question: What is Shutti?

    Answer: Shutti is a series of Shutdown/System Power tools for Windows. If find out something that is not easy to do by yourself, we create it.
  • Question: Can I use Shutti for free?

    Answer: Shutti is freeware: This means that you may use it without limits or trials and ads.
    But keep in mind that you may not sell/copy this software.
  • Question: I get an error every time I run Shutti.

    Answer: If you found an error that is caused by an unknow reason (No system error) then go to our Shutti Support Page or contact us.
  • Question: How can I update my version of Shutti?

    Answer: Almost every version of Shutti comes with an updater. However the Shutti Updater 2010 does not work anymore. You will have to download the latest version HERE.
  • Question: Can Shutti damage my system?

    Answer: No, When you use shutti for what is made to do you do not have to fear. Shutti is tested on almost every OS starting from Win95. If we find a thread we will fix this to make it safer.
  • Question: Can I be a Beta user?

    Answer: Yes! Actually we would appreciate it. Shutti is freeware , we do not show ads. So we have no budget. If you want to be a beta user , you do it for the credits. If you find a bug that helped us inprove our product , your name will be added to our changelog.