About Shutti

Shutti started as a little shutdown timer , it was made for personal use only but I published it on Softpedia. I soon realised alot of people where downloading it, and that very same day I created Shutti 2010 Lite. Shutti 2010 Lite was a small but easy utility to shutdown your computer in a certain amount of time.

After that first release , we started to create new software. Shutti was a small application with only 1000 downloads , but that all changed with the unofficial release of Shutti 2010 Desktop Edition.

Shutti Desktop Edition (Shutti DE) was released by Softpedia. It was ready for beta testing on our main server and somehow Softpedia released it without our knowledge. We first mentioned removing it, but our mainly traffic came from Shutti DE.

After one year we decided to change out site to Google Sites. It was an easy way to publish news and software releases. But it was inproffesional so we created our first real site in March 2011.

Now the slogan of shutti is still Small but powerfiul but we try to make it look more professional and easier.

About our Team

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    Maxim Van de Wynckel

    Maxim is 16 years old Belgian developer and that creator of Shutti. He is available on forums such as Helpmij.nl and MSDN . He is (for now) the only one that creates Shutti. This is why the support and website are not always up-to-date.