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    Shutti 1st Anniversary

    After one year of creating Shutdown utilitys we want to take a little brake until the holidays. It was a long year and everyone that used Shutti 2010 Lite knows it was filled with bugs.. But now we will start creating more professional software like the upcomming Shutti Shutdown booster...

It's been a while since we last published a new Shutti product. Just like every year , and this is the second time.. We are having a disigners mood. But there is something that gives us hope!

Shutti just celebrated his first anniversary , and we got more than 19000 downloads!! Normall we would publish a small gift Shutti Shutdown tricks. It contains a few shutdown tricks that are realy cool like: An extra Hibernate button in shutdown screen , Super fast shutdown icons ,.. and alot more.

But we will also start creating a new product, Shutti Shutdown Booster. It will make you able to boost your shutdown speed alot! It took some researche time and it is not finished yet. But that is because we want to make it perfect!

Shutti Shutdown Booster will change things in the registry. But because this can get wrong if anything happens , we added a backup option.