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    Shutti Shutdown Timer Released ( V1.2 )

    We know.. We decided to take a break. But here is the new update for Shutti 2010 Professional. It is renamed to Shutti Shutdown Timer as it will be the only ST available. It uses a brand new Shutdown engine 7 ...

Shutti 2010 Professional was the best shutdown timer until now. We create a better update , and because we can't name is 2010 anymore we named it Shutti Shutdown Timer.

Shutti 2010 Lite is now removed from our Download page. But it will be available in the Shutti Updater Software list.

It has several new functions , it uses the new Shutti Shutdown Engine 7 that will make sure that your computer shuts down safe and fast.

Change Log

+ Added Shutti Updaterâ„¢ Support
+ Changed Shutti Shutdown Engine from 2.0 to 7.0
+ Added Lock workstation and Monitor off as action
+ Better click and change Time
+ Added Shutti Safe mode to install directory
* Documented manual
* Fixed System time bug
* Fixed notify icon dispose at end of program
* Changed default action to "Shutdown"
* Less RAM and CPU usage
- Removed pop-up window
- Removed 60 seconds warning

We will post in on Softpedia as soon as possible. We hope you will enjoy this version as good as we did making it.

Click here to Download