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    Taking a break

    We will take a small brake in the creation of our software. Shutti Shutdown Booster is in the Alpha State and is almost ready for beta launch. We currently have 1 Good beta user. So if you are interested you may contact us. Also Shutti Lite and Pro will be deleted from our site as it is outdated ...

Everyone needs vakation. We know what happend last year when we didn't so this year we will leave all work on the HDD :D and start looking at the future. As already said on the Download page, Shutti 2010 Lite is outdated. It uses the first SHWindows Engine and if we look at that. We can see that we have made a big progress.

This is why Shutti 2010 Lite will be removed from our site when a new (Not started yet) Shutdown Timer will be created. We will combine all Shutti tools into one powerful tool.

Also Shutti Shutdown Booster is in Alpha state. It is working and doing what it should do, But there are still bugs on Vista and it has to be tested on 64bit (Win7). If you are interested you can be a beta user and test Shutti Shutdown Booster for the first time.

We are looking for Beta users that want to test Shutti for free. We will add your name to the changelist when you helped us finding a bug / Grammar error / Incompatibility.... Windows 7 64bit is required.

If you have questions involving Beta users , see our FAQ's page.