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 A lot of visitors are asking me: are you a Submariner and on which Submarine did you serve?

Belgium doesn't have submarines and I've never been on board of a submarine. 

Since 1975 I am serving in the Belgian Army, Infantry. I am Senior Warrant Officer and was during 18 years on duty in Germany. There I met my wife, we have two daughters ( 16 and 13)

In 1995 we came back in Belgium, we are living near the City Hasselt.Our barracks are in Leopoldsburg, where about 5000 Belgian soldiers are serving.

My Infantry Batallion is called: 

 Regiment Carabiniers Prins Boudewijn-Grenadiers

Since 1991 the Batallion was seven times on mission in Former Yougoslavia. This year in August we are leaving for Kosovo untill December.

As I annouced in my frontpage, since 1988 I collect Submarine Covers. A very good friend in Germany was also a collector and he helped me starting up the hobby. But this hobby went over to a passion, I was also interested in de life of the Submariners and Submarines.

You'll find some pictures of my unit 




Check-point in Eastern Slavonia in 1993

Our buddys on patrol in 1994

Bosnia, winter 1999

Sometimes we feel a little bit " SUBMARINER "

Our guys in action

Here you see whole the batallion: we formed together the patch of our unit ( Picture taken in December 2001)

Kosovo 2002: here are the flags of the Belgian Battlegroup in Leposavic: Belgium, Luxembourg and Roumenia

The Battlegroup Insigne

Belgian Checkpoint on the border Kosovo-Serbia

Picture taken 29 April 2002 during our contact-mission

But that's the real big thing!

I hope you enjoy this website

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