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I am Ronny Saxe and living in Belgium. Since about 15 years I am collecting submarine covers, especially US Navy Submarine covers.

During all these years I had wonderfull contacts whole over the world. The submarine family is great and has a great spirit. Everybody is always ready to support his friend.

In honour of all submariners of the world I created this website. 

If someone has good submarine covers or stamps with theme Submarines, it doesn't matter which nationality, please be so kind and send me a scan with discription. You will find your cover with your name on this site.

I hope you enjoy it.



The Autobiography Of Simon Lake

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Ron's designed Submarine Covers!!


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NEW ARTICLES : update 01 November 2003



Special Cover First Submarine Mail from USS C3 ( SS-14) via Panama Canal dated 07 May 1919

Sources: Steven Mc Lachlan ( NEW ZEALAND)



Source: Paul Huber



The oldest US Submarine Cover in the world: USS cuttlefish , SS-11, dated 29 September 1910. The USS Cuttlefish was commissioned 18 Oktober 1907. This cover was discovered by Mrs Paul Huber.

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