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DIDIER AVOCATS advise in EU and WTO legislation and developments. They focus on EC Trade matters (anti-dumping, anti-subsidies and related issues), customs, competition and environment.

In trade matters the Firm counselled large Asian multinationals (especially in the electronics sector) and Eastern Europe steel conglomerates. It was present in almost all "major" EC anti-dumping cases against Japan since the end Seventies.

Handling of unfair trade disputes led them to practice in the neighbouring sector of EC competition issues. The Firm regularly counsels its clients on compatibility of distribution agreements, intellectual property rights licensing, cooperation agreements etc.

The Firm is involved in 'public affairs'. It is consulted by Japanese public bodies on trade issues and has assisted the Polish government on trade defence strategies. It was retained by the Belgian Government for advising on the compatibility of draft legislation with WTO commitments and selected by the European Commission for legal support in a WTO dispute against the USA.

Didier Avocats have opted for in-depth specialisation in the fields above. They practice law as artisans, in a personalised relationship with their clients.

Pierre Didier, avocat, born 1945, Belgian, Doctor Juris, LLM EC law. Founder of the firm in 1976. He is the author of two landmark publications on WTO/EC trade instruments and publishes regularly on issues involving directly or indirectly trade matters. In 1995 Mr Didier was admitted on the roster of WTO Panellists upon presentation by the EU Council of Ministers.

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