I have sampled a new little harmonium for Hauptwerk users and decided to offer the CD samples at those who have bought or who will buy the Harmonium Debain.

It is a German Harmonium built by the firm MANNBORG between 1900 and 1905.

It has a compass of  four octaves 49 keys (c2 ->c5) and the reeds  are activated with suction.
Instrument memory size : 52 Mb
The Hauptwerk console has no stop so after loading the .organ definition file the instrument is ready to use.

MP3 Files

Thanks to James Pressler who has added the instrument on his site and create MP3 files at

Thanks to Gunnar Steinberg to show demonstration of the harmonium with compositor Jehan Alain
For information consult his site toccata

I have recorded live two MP3 Christmas songs with Hauptwerk 1.22

Number1     - "Les anges dans nos campagnes"  (1,6 Mb)
Number2     - "Peuple fidèle"                               (1,4 Mb)

Good audition !