BIOGRAPHY - °January 6 th, 1957 -

1975-1976: Exchange-student in Pennsylvania, USA. 1976  - 1981:  Art-school in Antwerp and Hasselt, Belgium Graphic Arts and Ceramics. 1981  - 1984:  Art-teacher in different schools in Antwerp. 1984  - 1986: College of Social Studies in Eindhoven, Holland. Works in several social and cultural  organisati­ons. 1986: Starts own studio. 1987:   Starts the institute : "Atelier Cirkel", where she organises several artistic workhops + international summer workshops and master classes. 1987  - 1994: Attends International workshops with David Miller, David Ro­berts, Tjok, Dassauvage, Takeshi Yasuda, Antonia Salmon, Suku Park and others. 1989  - 2001:  Participates at International Ceramic fairs and Biennals: Maaseik(Belgium),Swalmen (Holland), Bandol (France), Andenne (Belgium), Paris (France) and Florence (Itay), Milsbeek, (Holland) , Gouda (Holland), Hatfield (England).  1992:  Works as an assistent with Suzy Atkins in FRANCE. 1994  - 2001:  Gives several workshops about primitive firing-tech­niques, paperclay, and other techniques in France,  Holland,  Belgium, USA. 1995: Invited artist for the JINRO International Ceramic Art Workshop at Seoul, KOREA and  the IWCAT-workshop in Tokoname, JAPAN. 1996: Demonstrations and lecture at the International Ballardini Institute for Ceramic Art at Faënza, ITALY. 1997: Invited by the European Community (Caleidoscoop-project) for an International Ceramic Congress at Caltagirone, Sicily. 1998:  Workshop for the international students at the University of Brussels (VUB).  Invited as a panelist for the ceramic-workshop in Wooster, Ohio, USA.  Lecture at the Intnt'l slide presentation at NCECA-conference,Texas, USA. Member of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, USA.  Member of the "International Craft Design Association"EUROPE. Commission for the International Publisher KLUWER, BELGIUM. 1999: Invited for the International Ceramic Symposium at Burgstein, AUSTRIA. 2000:  Invited for workshops in Clay Art Centre, New York, USA. Invited for a lecture and participation at Hatfield Ceramic Festival, UK. Participation at the International Ceramic Symposium in Bechyne, Czeck Republic.  2001: Invited for demonstrations and lectures at the Eastern Tennessee State University, USA. Lecture at the Int’l slide presentation at NCECA-conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 2002: Invited for the 2nd International Ceramic Symposium at Trieste, ITALY. 2003: Selected as Artist-in-Resident at WSW, New York, USA. Selected for the International Ceramic Competition in Zaragosa, SPAIN. 2004: Invited as an ambassador for a Belgian delegation of ceramists to celebrate 1000 years of porcelain in Jingdezhen. 2005: artist-in-residence in Vallauris, FRANCE, at Sturt, Art & Craft Center, AUSTRALIA and the Clay Studio in Philadelphia, USA.  Invited for lectures at the Chicago Art Institute and Bradley University Illinois, USA. Invited for workshops at the Toepferschule in Gordola, Switserland. Guest curator for  exhibition of Belgian ceramics at CERCO 05, Zaragoza, SPAIN.  2006:Selected for the “Salzbrand Keramik” competition in Koblenz, GERMANY. Organises the Fourth International Ceramic Biënnale in Brasschaat, Belgium.  2007: Invited as a visiting professor at EWHA-university, Seoul, South-Korea. Invited for guest lectures at Hanyang-University, Seoul and National University of Cultural Heritage in Buyeo, South-Korea.  Invited to teach masterclasses in Holland and at Peters Valley, New Jersey, USA. 2008: Invited as an expert for EX-change (a Belgian NGO) to travel to Gatagara, Rwanda as an adviser for the local pottery. Invited for workshops in France and Switzerland. 2009: Invited to teach masterclasses in Toulouse (France) and Ticino (Switzerland). Invited to participate in the international Ceramic Symposium in Gordola, Switzerland. Invited as Ceramic teacher to teach at the Art Academies of Hamme, Turnhout and Tournai in Belgium. 




1993: Cultural Centre "Lakenhalle" Herenthals, BELGIUM - Cultural Centre "Termolen" Zonhoven, Belgium.
: Gallery "Tatteljee" Essen, BELGIUM - Gallery "t'Lievevrouwke" Bergen-op-Zoom, HOLLAND
Gallery "MAS" Kalmthout, BELGIUM
Gallery "ARTTERRE", Eefde, HOLLAND – VUB-gallery, University of Brussels, BELGIUM - Gallery "Van Dam", Diphoorn (Sleen), HOLLAND
Gallery "St-Joseph", Leeuwarden, HOLLAND - Gallery "MAS" Kalmthout, BELGIUM
Gallery “Mark Van Meensel” , Zelem, BELGIUM - Gallery “Toon Thijs”, Nijmeghen, HOLLAND - Cultural Centre, Herk-de-Stad, BELGIUM.
Art Mediate” Houtem, HOLLAND
Gallery “ARTTERRE” Eefde, HOLLAND - VDK-gallery, Gent, BELGIUM.
Cultural Centre “Gasthuiskapel”, Borgloon, BELGIUM. Gallery “Theemaas”, Rotterdam, HOLLAND.
: Gallery “Aqui Siam Ben”, Vallauris, FRANCE – STURT-gallery, Mittagong, AUSTRALIA
2007: Gallery “St-Josefkapel”, Brasschaat, BELGIUM, Atelier 27, Aalter, BELGIUM, Tong-In Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA,. Cudgegong Gallery, Gulgong, AUSTRALIA.
2008: Galerie “Anima”, Deinze, BELGIUM.



1994: "Price of the public" at the International Ceramic Biennal of Andenne, BELGIUM – "Honourable Mention” at the second Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Stockholm, SWEDEN.

1996: "Price of the Public" International Ceramic Biennal, Andenne, BELGIUM - “First price of Aesthetic Wheel Throwing” at the "MONDIAL TORNIANTI”,  Faënza, ITALY -
First Price at the Ceramic Biennal, Nekkerhal, Mechelen, BELGIUM.

1997: BANCAIXA-prize at the European Ceramic Biennal, Manises , SPAIN.
SILVERHAWK-reward, New Mexico, USA.
“First Price of the public” at the international Ceramic Fair in Gouda, HOLLAND.
Honourable mention at the 2nd World Ceramic Biënnale, Icheon, KOREA.
Honourable mention at the 1rst International Mosaïek Biennal “Rumba”, ARGENTINA
2006: Receives the golden honourable medal from the town council of Brasschaat and Davidsfonds for her international cultural accomplishments, BELGIUM 


JICA-collection, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
IWCAT-collection, Tokoname, JAPAN
Ceramic Museum of Manises, SPAIN
Museum of Modena, ITALY
Musée Bernard Palissy, FRANCE

Museum Rumba, ARGENTINA

Gallery Aqui Siam Ben, Vallauris, FRANCE
The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA

And in several private collections 



Participated more than 100 group exhibitions since 1978.

A selection of the more recent ones:

1994 : Cultural Centre Mechelen "Médecins Sans Frontières" BELGIUM - Gallery "Danderyd", Stockholm, SWEDEN - Gallery "Del Bello" Toronto, CANADA - International Ceramic Biennal, Andenne, BELGIUM- Museum "Andries de Potter" Rotterdam, HOL­LAND - World Crafts Coun­cil-exhibition "Alden Biesen Castle" Rijk­hoven, BELGIUM - Gallery "Kunstforum" Schelderode, BELGIUM.

1995: Gallery "Chosunilbo" Seoul, SOUTH-KOREA - Gallery "Cera" Tokoname, JAPAN - Gallery "Gare d'Art" Lunteren, HOLLAND.

1996:  "Carla Koch" Amsterdam, HOLLAND - Cityhall Gmunden, AUSTRIA - Salle d'Anchin, Douai, FRANCE - Flemish Cultural Centre "Alden Biesen", Rijkhoven, BELGIUM - International Art Fair, Nekkelhal, Mechelen, BELGIUM.

1997:  "Arboretum" Kalmthout, BELGIUM - "Holland Art Fair", The Hague, HOLLAND - Gallery "Wohnen und Kunst", Hamburg, GERMANY - International Bowl-show, Centre Culturel, Bandol, FRANCE - Fletchers Challenge Ceramic Award-exhibition, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND - International Ceramic Biennal, Brussels BELGIUM – “Face à Face – Hommage à Jean Cocteau” , Cultural Centre of the city of Aubagne, FRANCE - Cultural Centrum of Berchem, BELGIUM - Cityhall of Lille, FRANCE - Museum Van Humbeek-Piron, Leuven, BELGIUM - Gallery Ronny Seeuws, St-Lievens-Houtem, BELGIUM - Museum of Manises (Valencia), SPAIN -   Gallery "Frank Lavens", Roeselare, BELGIUM - Art Fair Autotrom, Rosmalen, HOLLAND.

1998 : Artfair "Maison et Objet", Paris, FRANCE - International Fair "Craft Design for the Global Village", Florence, ITALY  - "Functional Ceramics" Wayne Center for the Arts, Wooster, Ohio, USA - Andenne, International Ceramic Biennal, BELGIUM - Museum of Modena: Int'l exhibition "Homage to E. Ferrari”, ITALY - Gallery "Ingrith Desmet", Heule-Kortrijk, BELGIUM - Gallery "De Mijlpaal", Heusden-Zolder, BELGIUM - Museum of Ceramics  of Alcora, SPAIN - Blackheath Gallery, London, ENGLAND.

1999: "Het Vleeshuis" ,Lier, BELGIUM - "De Welriekende Dreef" Ingooigem , BELGIUM - "Jacob Jordaenshuis", Antwerp, BELGIUM - VIZO-gallery, Brussels, BELGIUM - "Terra Brughensis", Brugge, BELGIUM - IHAM-gallery, Antwerpen, BELGIUM - Gallery Desudé, Udenhout, HOLLAND - Gallery “Axpoele”, Ruislede, BELGIUM -  Museum "De Kopermolen", Vaals, HOLLAND - Museum of Manises (Valencia), SPAIN.                                 

2000: Gallery “SOUS-TERRE”, Lothoijen, HOLLAND - Gallery “Keramaikos”, Arnhem, HOLLAND - Museum “B. Palyssy”, Lot-et-Garonne, FRANCE - The Old Courthouse Gallery, Cumbria, ENGLAND - Handicraftmuseum, Lapeenranta, FINLAND - Altech Ceramics Biennale, Gauteng, SOUTH-AFRICA

2001: Gallery “Thomas”, Liedekerke (B) - Gallery “Marc Van Meensel”, Zelem (B) - Gallery BRAK, Voorburg, HOLLAND

2002: Gallery Gadiot-Mas, Rotterdam, HOLLAND – ARTISAN, Edinburg, SCOTLAND (UK) – Stadsgalerie, Gouda, HOLLAND – CoöperativaProspettiva, Tireste, ITALY – LINEART, Gent, BELGIUM.

2003: Museum “De Kopermolen”, Vaals, HOLLAND – Museum “Van Lien”, Fijnaard, HOLLAND – Gallery “Rooyaert”, HOLLAND – Centro de Artesania de Aragon, Zaragoza, SPAIN – Gallery “Marc Van Meensel”, Zelem, BELGIUM – Gallery “PI-Kwadraat”, Erpe, BELGIUM – 2nd World Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, SOUTH-KOREA – Gallery “De Markgraaf”, Kalmthout, BELGIUM – Groep “Signaal”, Kruibeke, BELGIUM

2004:  Museum Tiendschuur, Tegelen, HOLLAND - Cultural Centre,  Leopoldsburg, BELGIUM - Gallery “John Galt”, Kortrijk, BELGIUM - Gallery “Sanbao” , Sanbao-village, CHINA - Cultural Centre of Jingedezhen, CHINA - Gallery “Iham” – Antwerpen, BELGIUM.

2005: Cultural Centre “De Markthallen” Herk-de-Stad, BELGIUM - Gallery “De Oude Barier”, Hasselt, BELGIUM - Cultural Centre, Veurne, BELGIUM -   Gallery “John Galt”, Kortrijk, BELGIUM - The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA.

2006: Salt Firing Exhibition" , Handwerk Galerie, Koblenz, Germany. Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Vallauris, France -   Gallery « Le Pignon », Grootschermer, HOLLAND - Centre Culturel « Les Chiroux », Liège, BELGIUM - Campden Gallery, Gloucherster, ENGLAND - Château du Fosteau, Thuin, BELGIUM - « Salzbrand Keramiek », Galerie Handwerk Koblenz, GERMANY - « Handwerkskammer », Dusseldorf, GERMANY - « Keramik Museum », Westerwald, GERMANY - « Centre Culturel », Marche-en-Famenne, BELGIUM.

2008 : St-Joseph Galery, Leeuwarden, HOLLAND - “With Love from Belgium” , Keramik Museum Höhr-Grenzhausen, GERMANY - Kunstmaand Ameland, HOLLAND

2009 : National Botanic Garden, Meise, BELGIUM: exhibition in collaboration with Ikebana Internationa. - European Show” in The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester, UK - Galery “Le Pignon” at Grootschermer, HOLLAND.

2010: Cultural Centre “De markthallen”,  Herk-de-Stad, BELGIUM



1989: "Keramiek", Ceramic Magazine, HOLLAND.

"Ceramic Review", ENGLAND. 

1993:  Magazine "Feeling", BELGIUM.

Catalogue "Art Addiction", Stockholm, SWEDEN - Catalogue "Médecins Sans Frontières", Mechelen, BELGIUM - Catalogue "Exposition de Céramique d'Art Contemporaine", Andenne, BELGIUM.

1995: Magazine "Gael", BELGIUM - Magazine "Brabances Wallones », BELGIUM - Catalogue "Ceramic Biennal" Jodogne, BELGIUM - Catalogue "JICA '95" Seoul, KOREA - "de Bond", BELGIUM - "Ceramic Review", October 1995, ENGLAND.

1996: Artmagazine "Kunstwerk", HOLLAND - "Ceramics Monthly", Ceramic Magazine, USA - Catalogue "Exposition de Céramique d'Art Contemporaine", Andenne, BELGIUM - "STOOK" Dutch magazine for ceramists and sculptors, HOLLAND  - "Ceramics Technical" n° 3, November, AUSTRALIA.

1997: "Kunstwerk", April, Art Magazine, HOLLAND - Magazine "Arboretum - Kalmthout", BELGIUM - Ceramics Monthly, May, USA - "American Crafts", June-July, USA - Magazine KNACK: "Tijdgenoten", August, BELGIUM - Catalogue "European Biennal of Ceramic Art - Manises", November, SPAIN.

1998: Catalogue "Functional Ceramics", Wooster, Ohio, USA - "Pottery MakingIllustrated”, Spring 1998,  USA - Ceramic Form" by Peter Lane, UK (p. 215) -"Working with Clay" by S. Peterson, USA - "Paper Clay", by R. Gault,  USA.

1999: "Kwintessens", portfolio, n° 1, BELGIUM - Korean Ceramics Monthly, Spring 1999, Seoul, KOREA - Catalogue "Terra Brughenis", Brugge, BELGIUM - Ceramics Monthly , September, USA - Catalogue “10 years Galerie KERAMAIKOS”, Arnhem, HOLLAND - Het Belang van Limburg 4/5 September, B. - Catalogue “Ceramic Biennal” Museum of Manises, SP.

2000: Guide of the Ceramic Museum of Modena, IT. - Catalogue “Le feu, le bois et les Sigillées”, Musée B. Palissy, FR.

2001:  Ceramics Monthly “Wood, Fire and Terra Sigillata, February, USA - Ceramics Technical, May, AUSTRALIA.

2002: book “Swinging” view of the ceramics of Patty Wouters of the passed 7 years.

2003: Catalogue “Cerco 03”, Aragon, SPAIN – Catalogue “World Ceramic Biennale 2003 , SOUTH-KOREA.

2004 : Magazine ‘Keramiek’, Holland

2005: KLEI, May 2005, HOLLAND

2006: Ceramics Monthly,  “Vallauris, a town of 100 potters”, January 2006, USA.
KLEI, "Janet Mansfield", March 2006, HOLLAND

2006: Ceramics Monthly,  “Vallauris, a town of 100 potters”, January 2006, USA - KLEI, May , HOLLAND - Ceramica Revista, May, Madrid, SPAIN

2007: Second Monograph “Beyond Borders”, January 2007, BELGIUM -            KLEI,January2007, HOLLAND - CERAMICS, Art & Perception, June 2007, AUSTRALIA - NEUE KERAMIK, “Cibeko 2007”, May 2007, GERMANY - Korean CRAFT, ART & CULTURE magazine, june 2007, Seoul, KOREA - KLEI, “Wocef”, September 2007, HOLLAND

2008: NEUE KERAMIK, “Beyond Borders” , February 2008,  Germany



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