Crash at Outer  23/6/'44  <<To Hell or Glory>>

On June,the 23 of 1944, 13 Flying Fortress from the  95 Bomber Group left from  Horham, Suffolk for action above North-France.But the weather was so bad that the planes had to return without any action. For 12 boumbers, the return ended in safe conditions.The 13th boumber, type B-17 code <<To Hell or Glory>> schould never arrive. What had to be a 'milkrun' (very easy task), ended in a disaster.

pilot outer.bmp (602518 bytes)left on the photo : Lt Danny MANGAN, with his authentic pilot Jim HAGENBAUGH

(source : Marian Blandy, Silver Wings)


crew of the crash at Outer, with their main pilot
(source : Bombardementen boven Schelde en Durme, Cynrick De Decker
outerbem.jpg (27316 bytes)
on the foreground fltr : 2nd Lt Herbert I. CAHN navigator, 1st Lt Edward MADIGAN, pilot,  2nd Lt Harvey COX co-pilot, 2nd Lt Alfred R. LOPEZ standing fltr : S/Sgt James W. PHILLIPS waist-gunner, S/Sgt Ray SMITH gunner,   S/Sgt Henry J. SCHULTZ waist-gunner, T/Sgt Albert S. HUFF gunner, T/Sgt Richard T. ENNIS marconist , S/Sgt Ewell M. RIDDLE tail-gunner

On the return, fire onboard originated from the electrical circuit, the engines stopped running and the B-17 became unmanoevrable. This happens on larger hight between Aalst and Ninove.At about 21h the B-17 on fire has been observed by members of the HAALTERTS refuge LE PERDREAU above the hamlet <<Topmolen>> at Haaltert.
A little further, the flying fortress crashed at the Ninoofs' village Outer in the Lebekestraat. The 8 members, who survived the crash of the TO HELL OR GLORY, also survived the war and could return at home.The crash of To Hell Or Glory will also be part of the book <<Le Perdreau>>.

FRIDAY 06/09/2002 !!!!!!

On friday, the 6th of september,  the commemoration of the '1Lt Danny MANGAN-crew-memorial' has tooken place at Outer. This was an initiative of the Patriotic Mouvement Groot-Haaltert in co-operation with the community of Ninove. There was a big interest from local site as well as American site.

The commemoration happened at 2 parts : first there was at the place of the crash the commemoration of the memorial, with from Belgian side Mr Luc DURANT, mayor of Ninove, and from American side Mr Dick ENNIS (radio-op from To Hell or Glory) and Ms BLANDY-MANGAN.
Mr Marc VERSCHOORIS gove us in his speech the course of the fatal flight.

  Foto left : Harvey COX, co-pilot
 (bron : verz. Harvey Cox)
  foto rechts : uiterst links Harvey COX, co-pilot en uiterst rechts Bob PEDROTTI, radio-operator, bij hun onderduikadres familie Cyril SUYS te TOLLEMBEEK (bron : verz. Harvey Cox)

The second part took place in a field. The priest of Outer, father KIECKENS, prayed for the deceased crew-men, and for peace in the whole world.Mr VIJVERMAN, chairman from the Patriotic Mouvement, read a lettre, written by Mr COX especially for this occasion. The sister of Danny MANGAN, MS BLANDY-MANGAN, read a poem, written by her mother, shortely after the war.
At the end, there was a flight of doves, with the special wish of peace around the world. We appreciated enourmous the fly-past from the U.S.A.F. with F-15 in missing-man-formation.
The community of Ninove offered a drink at the end.

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