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P-ART Performance Music Povera in 7x1 concert https://youtu.be/8wPMcuPLlto   

P-ART Performance Microtonal Flirt in 7x1 concert


DVD Trailer "White as Piano" NTSC version 2015
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These artists affiliated to P-ART are engaged in the same wide field of new music and contemporary arts. With a personal contribution to the P-ART WEB of ARTISTS, all selected artists belong to the virtual P-ART family, all together and completely free.

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P-ART is a non-profit website, divided into two PARTS:

1. P-ART PARADISE, concerning my own holistic world of artistic activities and products: sculptured sounds; my gallery of paintings, pictures and projects;  my Music Cabinet with audio excerpts of my music; my personal approach to composing(Insane Hollow); my journal with exceptional P-ARTnews items; my poetry, etc. All pages of the P-ART PARADISE are updated and renewed in terms of consumer friendly use. You can see a glimp of my instrumental studio (P-ART Suite) etc.

 2. P-ART WEB of selected ARTISTS, all over the world, engaged in the same wide field of new music and contemporary arts. In the P-ART WEB the participating artists belong to the common virtual domain, all together and completely free. All P-ART artists deliver  a personal statement in the P-ART web  that they want to communicate on the world wide web.

To improve your search in the wide-extended P-ART website, use the search engine (see above), or: enter the ABC-INDEX of the P-ART SITEMAP with all topics available through all pages of the P-ART homepage. For your first trip in the mind-blowing P-ART world, I recommand to enter my small, exciting 'tour d'horizon' TOUCH-AND-GO.

The P-ART HOT PAGE brings all hot news related to P-ART and the updated P-ART WEB OF ARTISTS.

Don't forget to enter the P-ART PROJECT:12 PORTRAITS of P-ART artists (illustrated booklet with CD in mixed mode).

Go to the P-ART DVD page "White as Piano".

Download excerpts (pdf and mp3) of all my scores released in my New P-ART Pianobook.

Enjoy the P-ART performances available on  YOUTUBE (< click)

Don't hesitate to communicate your experience, your appreciation, new ideas or additional information. E-mail P-ART

Don't shoot the pianist. For the first time I present you with my personal website. I hope that the written language, the time that you need to download pictures and pages, and for any reason, errors will not disturb you. I'm not a native English speaker. Further, I'm not a professional webmaster. The construction of the P-ART website is taken easy without sophisticated features of webdesign, tables, background images or sounds. I would like to make downloading P-ART pages as easy and fast as possible for any browser, and appropriated for all platforms.

Have a nice and enriching trip to the four winds of the P-ART world


aka: Paul A. R. Timmermans (Belgium)

P-ART in Versailles

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