Go in the Sonic Tents, a set of projects entitled SonicRooms by <sabine schäfer //joachim krebs>. You traverse 3D-sounding bodies, rooms installed IN rooms. Sonic Tents are like listening islands impervious to light. Normal localization of space and sound are excluded here. You have to be there "live", so that you may, for instance, experience the difference between artificially produced spatial qualities in the stereo image and the artificial character of the psychic "inner" perception of space, which is evoked by sounds covering the real distance between the eight, invisible loudspeakers of the Sonic Tents. The artificial soundscape is situated within the horizontal dimension (=melodic, rhythmic sound) and the vertical dimension (=resonance-harmonic sounding space). In the audio process, space and time are converted into interactive perception qualities, constantly fluctuating between the "real" and the "unreal" perception of space and time. In SonicRoom No.1 sounds "water / air" no longer just like water / air. The chirping of crickets mutates gradually in abstract, rhythmic sound figures connected by artificial sound movements (SonicRoom No.2).

For more information about the set of projects SonicRooms, click here: Homepage: http://www.sabineschaefer.de & http://www.sabineschaeferjoachimkrebs.de.

I just released a short video-experience of her TopoPhonias in the Akzisehaus Osnabrück (KlangArt Installation 1997). Look at the P-ART Web of Artists: Sabine SCHÄFER (< click).




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