without playing the piano

On the first Computer Music Festival (ULB) in Brussels (12 October 1989), Clarence BARLOW executed his "Variazone e un pianoforte meccanino".

In the beginning of the performance, the piano (= Yamaha Disklavier) played alone: without touching any key, Clarence Barlow, the performer, was sitting down in an old sofa and participated listening from distance to the live performance of his piano. After a while he went to sit down at the piano, simulated playing with his fingers and gradually he started to interact in realtime with the virtual improviser (the computer-directed piano).
The idea wasn't new to me. I had already dreamed about such virtual  approach. However, this  experience in 1989 was a real happy revelation to me. September 2000: Clarence BARLOW has finished his computerprogram and manual AUTOBUSK. (See next Journal page #20)




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