Mister MORI was working in the music factory of KORG (Japan) when he created the succesful synthesizer Korg M1.
In 1995 he was called back from the Fostex company to join the Korg-team again: it was time for Mr. Mori to release a totally new instrument: the Wavedrum.

Recreating a full rang of acoustic and artificial sounds, the beautiful Wavedrum inspired the digital percussionist to creative musical ideas.

The Wavedrum is amazingly expressive: conventional drums, Latin and ethnic percussion, synthesizer, iron pipes and even vocals can be played depending on where the drum head is hit, how hard you hit it and what you hit it with.

Some of the 62 algorithms can produce a different pitch on each strike. Several programs provide a drone along with a percussion sound. For instance: It's possible to hit a melodic line on the sitar with the Indian-type scale, moving the pedal.

The expressive touch and incredible realistic sounds of the WAVEDRUM make me forget that it was a synthetic instrument.
Attention: you 'll need a remote control unit to access and edit all parameters and programs in an easy way.




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